10 Simple Tips for Better Blogging

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 2, 2005

Krutik asked me about tips on blogging. So I thought of compiling a small simple list for people new to blogging. This is not “10 commandments”. There are exceptions to each rule which I will try to mention as we proceed.

1. Blog about topics which are truly interesting to you. This will help you succeed in the long run.

2. Host your blog on your own server with your own domain name. Avoid free blog hosting on blogspot or wordpress.com (unless you are Robert Scoble, human face of Microsoft). It provides better perception to your blog and more configurability among other benefits. Use a Blogging software like WordPress or Movable Type. I use WordPress.

3. Post with a fixed schedule, preferably once a day or once every two days, if possible. Missing the weekends is fine.
Note: Do not be afraid to take days off. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore.
Disclaimer: I sometimes break this rule.

4. Try to write in proper polished language, unless you are blogging solely for highly targeted audience like gangsters.
Note: Personally I hate reading blogs with poor english. It casts a bad light on the author.

5. Choose a decent theme for your blog matching the target audience. Don’t choose too bold colors for business blogs. In general all standard web design principles apply.
For example if you are targeting teenage girls (as audience) then a smattering of pink may not be out of place.

6. Provide an interactive experience. Allow comments in your blogs. Respond politely to comments.

7. Track what your audience wants and deliver more of it.

8. Unless it is a personal blog stay away from too many “had a hangover today” post or talking about your personal life.

9. If you are blogging for profit AdSense is a good place to start.

10. Persevere. It takes time to achieve decent profitability unless you have lots of money to spend upfront like Jason Calacanis.

Note: 7-10 are more targeted for bloggers who are not averse to generating some revenue while enjoying blogging.

Let me know if you find this useful. More tips and suggestions welcome.

June 12, 2010: 11:49 am

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June 8, 2010: 1:51 am

“7. Track what your audience wants and deliver more of it.”

can anyone share how to do this???

June 8, 2010: 1:44 am

“Note: Personally I hate reading blogs with poor english. It casts a bad light on the author.”

Good Point!!!

June 6, 2010: 11:05 am

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May 23, 2010: 12:21 am

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April 27, 2010: 9:57 pm

Thanks for this this useful tips.


December 5, 2005: 7:33 am

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December 4, 2005: 8:55 am

I would add a big bold point about writing proper links. Using words like “this” as links doesn’t make the text scannable. Write long links. Write links that actually describe what’s behind the link.

indranil das
December 3, 2005: 11:15 pm

its a nice experience everytime i read your blogs. thanks for informing about certain blogging software like wordpress, as i am new to the bloggers world, i did not know about it. keep the good work going. hope we can learn a lot of other things in future from you. have a nice day

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