Top 10 Coolest Fedora Themes

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, July 24, 2009

fedora-theme1If you are one of those open source aficionados using Fedora, you must be looking to lend a cool look to your system. What could be better than allowing a complete makeover to your Fedora. Well, there are fantabulous Fedora themes that can enhance your desktop, background, icons and more.  Fedora theme are no simple delights, each of them patronize and symbolize the inherent nature of the ever improving operating system that is said to hold a greate future. For now, its your turn to make your Fedora appear fascinating and inspiring. We have assorted the top notch Fedora themes just for you.     

1. Eden


 Whew! Is what you could utter about this fedora theme with a more traditional approach. Build in pure aesthetics, it reminds of the garden of Eden.  Roots extending below the ground, and flowers appearing on the branches of the tree could well signify the solid base of Fedora and the concept of free software. The flowering branches could match Fedora’s rapid growth.  Just look at it you’ll know what I mean.


2.  Solar


It’s panoramic theme showcasing Solar System on your Fedora. The idea is all about Solar - symbolizing the centre of the universe, the engine of our galaxy, the light in big shadows



3. Spectrum


With a better foresight Fedora (blue) seems to be a part of continuous spectrum. It blends the variety of users of different backgrounds and ideas joined together in one thread of spectra.  




4. Libera Programaro


It’s a futuristic / sci-fi Fedora theme. The best way to explain Libera Programaro is

computing with no strings attached


5. Fedora Dark Murrine

This theme resembles the default Fedora 10 theme, but has been enhanced with dark backgrounds for the windows and panels. Fedora Dark Murrine is a modified version of the Ubuntu studio theme, that uses the Nodoka window borders.





6. Nodoka

For a classical fedora theme in blue, Nodoka would be the one stop choice. It features soft gradients and not too harsh color transitions.


7. Binary


The digital world is all about the binary 1 and 0. This binary theme for fedora is devoted to building blocks of the computer world. The arrangement of structures looks enticing with the aggregation of digits   The theme attempts to highlight something large and complex in a simple format .


8. Dice


This theme is revolves around the notion of ten (ten points) is the first border (decimal exponent == 1) to higher numbers up until the infinity. In abstraction that symbolizes dice with variability.  



9. Wing Anatomy


Well, Wings are symbol of stability, balance and freedom. This Fedora theme is built around perfectly shaped wings. The wings are curved for optimal aerodynamic shape to look vibrant that calls to reach for infinity


10. Neon


That’s a marvelous theme with sparkling hues complementing the dark background



July 28, 2009: 3:07 am

please help me how can we creat php editing in fedora or linux redhat5.0 and send me instructon also plz

July 25, 2009: 9:21 am

These are really nice Fedora themes. My favorite is probably the Solar theme, it looks totally cool, and i like the space effect. Thanks so much!

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