Top 10 MySpace Articles Featured In Our Blog

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Saturday, April 11, 2009

myspace-logoIn the recent scene, MySpace may not be having a smooth sail. The top executives of MySpace are fleeing and the chief rival Facebook is signing millions of more users gladly. Still MySpace remains one of the pioneering websites to redefine social networking.  When co-founder and CEO MySpace, Chris DeWolfe is busy chalking out strategies for hyper-targeting advertisers, I thought of reviewing our Top 10 blog posts on MySpace. Our blog has some immensely popular popular and useful posts on MySpace. Have a look at our Top 10 outstanding efforts to help you out for a better MySpace experience.

1. Hide Myspace Last Login Information in Two Minutes

In MySpace your friends always know the time you have last logged in. Here’s an easy hack to hide the login information.

2. How to Track Your Myspace Profile Visitors in a Secure Way

If an unknown visitor is tracking your profile here’s what you gotta do. Go through the article to find the trick.

3. Myspace Hack: How to View the Original Photo of a Private User

This ones a really cool hack. If you want to see someones MySpace profile that is set to private, here’s what you gotta do.

4. 30 Newest MySpace Apps You Better Not Miss

The MySpace apps are must for a better experience. There are loads of apps for MySpace, here’s an assorted list to make things easier for you.

5. MySpace Hack: How To View Any Users Private Videos

This was simple spread like wild fire. One of the most voted post in our blog. Just a trivial hack to watch any user’s videos, even private ones

6.  10 Newsest Myspace Apps for Fun

Here’s some funkiest stuff waiting for those who spend their day and night in MySpace.

7. Hacking MySpace AfterMath: Code, Explanations and Prevention

This was one of our early adventures with MySpace. An effort to protect your web application against the notorious Samy worm.

8. How to: 8 Tips To Protect Yourself from Hackers in Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Orkut

Well no social networks is hack proof. Here are eight golden tips to protect you from hackers

9. Interesting MySpace Hacking Technique

This offers the method to protect yourself from downloading malicious Active X control on your MySpace page.

10. Most Common MySpace Passwords From 20, 000 Passwords

Well its not a half-cocked wit for distraughts. The phiser’s leaked the most used passwords for MySpace.

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