10 Cool Ways to Make Money from iPhone apps

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, March 11, 2010

One reason to buy iPhone is to make money out of it. It is not just a gadget to spend on, you can make good money out of it.  iPhones is gaining popularity each day not just because its easy to use, but that they can do much more than other mobile phones. It is anticipated that iPhones could replace some of the current gadgets such as digital audio players, netbooks and standard telephones. The myriads of apps available for iPhone makes it a all-purpose gadgets. This is the reason why creating iPhone has become a hot business for earning handsome money in no time and without coding skills. With the advent of iPad that will also be using apps like  iPhone, scope for earning has widened. We have provided top 10 tutorial to develop iPhone app. This time we decided to bring you the best ways to make money from iPhone apps.

Now let’s see the 10 cool ways you can make money from iPhone apps

1. Making money with your app concept

If you can think of iPhone app that consumers would love to use, you have a great chance of making money without any coding skills. With the AppIncubator iPhone App from MEDL Mobile you can submit your idea to the company’s development team. You just need to download and install the app. AppIncubator will offer you a simple interface to submit your ideas to MEDL Mobile. You can also upload ideas via company’s website. You will receive a submission number. Now you will have a storyboard tool to submit your thoughts. If the app is sanctioned, it will be developed by company’s in-house development team. You will receive 25 percent of the apps revenues that is shared with the creator.  That’s a big sum if your apps gets going.

You can download the app here

2. Build an subscription based app

Do you own rich content assets such as game material, music, art or important information? Why not charge users a small fee for using the content. This idea could be perfect for a content rich scenario like a month club where subscribers will pay a small monthly fee to get premium timely content.

3. Selling add-ons

Sometimes users wanna expand and customize their app. They are ready to make small payments (micro-transactions) for such iPhone app add-ons. Consider the iPhone game apps, users  buying the base product adventure game, might buy additional in-game items such as .

4. Develop an Ad-supporting app

Just building an app is not enough, especially with loads of iPhone apps already struggling to make money. Build an app that you own and insert ads into it. Whenever people click on your add you will make money. This could be a feasible option if you are not comfortable with charging people directly for money, but you are still looking for a passive income. Try to create an app that people will be looking to use daily.

5. Earn $1000 cash prize and more with your concept

Appswell is another iPhone app that users crowdsourcing to build great iPhone apps. You can submit creative iPhone app idea and receive immediate community feedback and votes. If your idea wins, you’ll receive a fat cash prize of $1,000 as well as 10 percent share of the profits.

6. Making an iPhone app game

According to the stats 1 out of every 3 app downloaded is a game or an entertainment app. Moreover, with finger touch, accelerometer, and location awareness functionality iPhone makes the best gaming console. Making an app that uses these functionalities could offer a superior gaming experience that could even beat Nintendo’s DS and Sony’s PSP.
However, the key is keep the budget low

7. Cool bidding for an app

Conceptualize an iPhone application and go to www.Elance.com. You can go for an iPhone SDK specialist who can develop the application for you. What you need to do is register with Elance, and post your iPhone apps project. If you are good at bargaining, you might land up  with a mobile application that is developed for $300 or even less. Before you know it, you would have a your own iPhone web apps making you money online on the Appstore.

8. iFart lottery

iFart is a kinda example pointing out, how to create a simple app that could capture everyone’s imagination and make you an instant millionaire. Take tips from the top apps to conceptualize what people actually want from the apps. Develop an app that is focused, pragmatic, and lightweight. The smaller the app file, the faster it will run, and it will attract the potential buyers most.

For instance, Flight Control cost $50,000 (AUS) to develop, and made at least $485,000 within just a few weeks. Ethan Nicholas, who developed iShoot, made $600,000 (US) in one month.

9. Marketing the app

It’s far from possible that your app gets noticed among the hundreds of thousands of iPhone apps. Your key is to highlight the app as widely as possible via YouTube, social networks and other Web 2.0 channels. Try to get your app in the league of top 100 iPhone apps.

10. Learn to earn

Lastly, if you still lack true ideas there’s an easy solution. Just have a gawk at the secrets of how to create and profit from iPhone Applications

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