Top 10 iPhone Apps for Bloggers

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, September 2, 2009

iphone-appsiPhone apps for bloggers are carving out a niche in the mainstream blogging world. It’s not far when bloggers would adopt to a new vogue - iBlogging, somewhat similar to the phenomenal concept of microblogging. If iPhone apps can assist in almost everything under the sun - why not blogging. Now scrabbling through Apple iTunes to test, which app fits into your blogging schedule is a hectic task. Well, to help you out with blogging iPhone apps we did an extensive research to sort out the list of the top must have iPhone apps for bloggers.

1. WordPress for iPhone

Let me introduce you to the one and only iPhone app that allows you to write posts, upload photos, edit pages and manage comments on your blog right from your iPhone. It supports both and self-hosted WordPress (2.5.1 or higher). Managing your blogs from a Touch phone, it sounds touchy.

Download WordPress

2. Google Analytics App

Probably this is a must-have iPhone app for all you bloggers. There’s couldn’t anything better than getting your site’s stats on your iPhone. This iPhone app allows you access to all your site, accounts, reports and data. You can receive over 29 reports and unlimited custom reports and unlimited custom reports that you can create in Google Analytics. That implies you can spend more time analyzing the data.

Download Goolge Analytics

3. TypePad

Using this iPhone app you can share your blog and pictures with the world from anywhere. This app has been designed to connect with TypePad blogging service.  With this app you can write new posts for your blog in just a few seconds and add photos. For more, it alerts your friends on your latest blog posts through automatic updates on Twitter.

Download TypePad

4. ShoZu iPhone app

With ShoZu on your phone you are truly connected with your chosen online communities. With you can update your blog with photos or text or both.
Apart from blogging SoZhu allows you to

  • Stay connected with social media
  • Update your status
  • Add tags, titles and description
  • Download and view latest from your friend
  • Geotaging

Download ShoZu

5. Writing Pad (ShapeWriter)


It’s a handy piece of iPhone app for bloggers that allows storing of notes and sending email. Its a revolutionary text input technology for touchscreen phones. It enables you to enter text into iPhone by tracing the word shapes rather than typing letters. In case of rare names and acronyms, you can type only once and next time you’ll be able to shape write it. This is a far better technology than letter-based handwriting recognition.

Download ShapeWriter

6. Kyte Producer

Share photos and slideshows on your blog or website instantly with this iPhone app. Instantly broadcast pictures as you take them, or create slideshows from your iPhone’s picture gallery. What’s more, you can chat with your audience in real time.

Download Kyte Producer

7. AreMySitesUp

For any blogger it’s crucial to know when your website goes down. AreMySitesUp sens you unlimited email and SMS notifications every day. It tells you why your site was down by providing the HTML status error code.

Download AreMySitesUp

8. Byline

For the latest news from your favorite sites and blogs on your iPhone you can avail this iPhone app. It features two way sync with Google reader. Browse for new items, starred items, notes and folders in separate lists. Moreover, Byline also allows you offline browsing that gives you instant access to complete web pages.

Download Byline

9. RSSPush

If you are looking for real-time access to information that you wanna see from various RSS feeds this is your app. Every you have sort out several articles to ultimately get your articles of interest. With this RSSPush app on iPhone you won’t have to filter these articles manually. By defining keywords directly in the application you can apply these keywords to the feeds in different feed categories.  You would receive the latest articles on your iPhone based on your keyword. But, there were a few issues with the PUSH alerts that you need to manage.

Download RSSPush

10. iReddit Free

It serves as your fishing net to trap all interesting stuffs circulating in the web. With iReddit you can view all the hottest, newest, top and controversial stories. Also, explore individual subreddits,  comment, share, vote, and save links for use later.

Download iReddit free

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September 23, 2009: 6:38 pm

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September 6, 2009: 5:41 am

thankz …………..

September 4, 2009: 8:56 am

I’ve used the WP and analytics agent apps…they’re incredibly useful and both have a nice user interface.
Haven’t tried the other ones though.

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