10 Funny iPhone Apps to Annoy your Mother-in-Law

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 20, 2009

Standing at the edge of the lake, a man saw a woman flailing about in the deep water.  Unable to swim, the man screamed for help.  A trout fisherman ran up.  The man said, “My wife is drowning and I can’t swim.  Please save her.  I’ll give you a hundred dollars.”  The fisherman dove into the water.  In ten powerful strokes he reached the woman, put his arm around her, and swam back to shore.  Depositing her at the feet of the man, the fisherman said, “Okay, where’s my hundred dollars?”  The man said, “Look, when I saw her going down for the third time, I thought it was my wife.  But this is my MIL.”  The fisherman reached into his pocket and said, “Just my luck.  How much do I owe you?”

Well we won’t go that far but we can certainly give you 10 ways to annoy the hell out of her through 10 funny and interesting iPhone apps. Oh you can share it with your mother in law too. And if she really is in a mood to outburst, don’t worry. Just tell her that she can reach us through twitter or comment personally here. We will accept her tantrums with a toothy grin.

1. iFart

Suppose you wanted so desperately to go to a private party only with your spouse, but nagging as the boss of the office she is, she accompanies you much to your discomfort. Her presence is so irritating that it has already spoilt the mood of the party for you. Revenge time mate. Use your iPhone and in the midst of the whole crowd where she has settled in with some pitifully attentive people to her side, keep the iPhone with iFart on timer.

She sits, she displaces the iPhone and there you GO! Fart from the madding crowd, LOL. Look at her embarrassed face and people dispersing. Put the iPhone into your pocket and give that victorious smile.

2. Remind You

Has she been in your house more than a month? Are you bored of her face, talks, tantrums etc.? Now is the time to tell her that she must leave. But how? Here is a chance. Remind you is a special app that lets you see important meetings or scheduled plans even if your iphone is locked or sleeping. Its always on the screen. So what you do is, take her phone, install this app and use the most attractive and brightest color as possible and use texts like,

I need to leave now.

Its been too long.

What am I doing here, its not even my home.

I should stop annoying them.

Do you still see her on the next morning, God save you.

3. Constitution iPhone app

Yes its constitution and not constipation mind you. All mother-in-laws are talkative only when it comes to throw tantrums or find mistakes in you. Suppose on one such morning, the disaster is happening in front of you. What do you do? There is no stopping her. Don’t get that angry.

Use the most boring app of all time, Constitution iPhone app. Start with a chapter and read out loud. I am sure the terms and complex language will surely vent off her eagerness to talk. Keep on doing this until she realizes that she was talking! (Most of them don’t even realize that, they are so spontaneous). When she has stopped, give her a smug look and morning shows the day for you.

4. iFight Pro

Suppose you are having to journey with her to somewhere. The situation is so that you will have to sit beside her for more than a tolerable time. What do you do when she keeps on irritating you? Just start playing iFight and name your opposite character to her name. Take something unique of her style and try choosing the avtaar of your opponent likewise so that she is sanguine that its her you meant. And then kick, slap. Pistols and Tanks are also waiting. Have the best time in your life. You can suddenly put the game off and on the black shiny glass of your iPhone, you will surely have the heartiest laugh watching her face. ROFL.

5. iVomit

Eating is not bad. But when your mother in law pounces on a big lamb (cooked. Don’t worry I am not that crooked either) and gobbles down everything in front of all the people, its not a pretty sight for you is it? What do you to restrain her to a petite appetite? Use iVomit. When she is just at the peak of her sumptuous meal, act as if you are puking. Get your iPhone to full volume and start iVomit. It has a very colorful vomitting display also. Make sure when she is having pain to control herself with all those vomitting sound in full stomach, you show her how is it done. And the rest…

6. iBounce

This is purely depending upon you. Suppose when the irritation has sore high up, darken your room use a video recorder and record the video of yours playing iBounce with her head. Yes with this app you can download any picture from the net as you want and cut it to head shape. Do that, cut her head from the picture and bounce it as long as you can. Laugh, press keys harder to show your intensity. And then send the whole video to her iPhone from someone else’s phone. Easy. She knows who did this but can not ever blame you.

How was bouncing your mother in law’s head?

7. Remote iTunes app

You need to be a bit techie to do this. Remote control iPhone app lets you control your iTunes through a screen that looks just like the regular iPhone/iPod touch player, and it only works through Wi-Fi. So what you do is save some really horrible sound in her iPhone sometime from iTunes. Use the Wi-Fi and the app and just when she is all alone and preparing to sleep, start playing it from her iPhone > iTunes folder. Just imagine she jumping off her bed hearing a chimpanzee screaming at midnight, IN HER ROOM.

You can also use it to better effect if you have an Apple TV and put it on in her room with brightness and contrast set to zero (so that she thinks that the TV is off while going to sleep) and then use iTunes to display on TV and then the sounds. It will funnier and more effective.

To use it to great effect, take 30 minutes breather in between two successive shocks, Haha.

8. Face Melter iPhone App

I am sure your mother in law never had a simply smiling face. So why don’t you take another of a kind when she is very annoyed. Use face melter app for iPhone. Touching, dragging, wiping and pinching are the basic finger actions, with which you can create these funny melting images and then upload it to Flickr and with an innocent smile show it to her as if there was always a cartoonist inside you. She made you realize that. Better if you can make some of your friends comment weirdly under that pic. See her face then and compare. I am sure it will be tempting you to take another snap at once. Beware.

9. iBurp

Another way to embarrass your mother in law. Suppose there are sophisticated people around while you were dining with your lovely wife and not so lovable mother in law. Just when she is finished with her meal and gulps down the water, start iBurp. Once, loud will be wonderful. Before she can manage to come out of initial shock, give another. and to top it with cherry use random burping.

10. No iPhone App can Save You

If all the nine above failed, believe me she is not gonna go before she wants to. Just politely ask her if she wants to go soon. If not, tough luck mate. Get your iPhone, pack your bag and go for a loooong trip. Happy journey.

P.S. -  oh btw, I love my mother in law :D


captain planet
November 22, 2009: 2:36 pm

good times w/ iburp at the bar… got turned on to stage names from libertymobile.ca. mos def good for a laugh.

October 8, 2009: 12:48 am

i like this application and its really funny…
i think it can also be used for girl friends, wife….
here’s another one

September 10, 2009: 11:13 am

Another Cool & funny iPhone application named: Funbooth
Laugh-out-loud funny!!

July 2, 2009: 8:03 am

Oh boy! this is another most interesting thing I have seen after a long time. There is another one called https://www.dirtymouthapp.com/ which is amazing. They have got funny phrases that I use to shock my friends.

April 29, 2009: 7:41 am

Here’s another one for this list:

Totally hilarious app that lets you track your poop. There’s some really funny poop icons to pick from.

Get it! Try it! Poop, and track it!!!

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