Google launches ‘Explore Google Search’ (being weary of Bing?)

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 18, 2009

Search is at the heart of everything we do. Our engineers work every day to solve the hardest search problems, and thus improve your online experience. Here’s a glimpse at what they do, the features they’ve built and the remarkable user stories that inspire our work

When you get such quotes right up, you know that only Google can be that dedicated and that passionate about what they do the best, Search. As you can see in the picture over there, Google has brought out all the existing feature under one roof by the concept of Discovering the Web. So what is it actually? It is nothing but prime features of Google search under one place.

So why now? Bing.

If you and I remember it correctly, Google has never projected itself or tried to spoon feed us like the way Microsoft has always tried. But with the possibility of Bing emerging as a popular competitor is perhaps what Google wants to nip in the bud. For an e.g., Danny Sullivan so correctly points out here

Google’s never really had to market itself to consumers, to trot its stuff. The recently held “Searchology” event didn’t cover anywhere near the range of what Google offers. But if the praise for Bing keeps largely rolling in — if people keep discovering features that aren’t necessarily unique to Bing — Google may find it has to step up.


And that is exactly what Google has done now. But its good to see that at last, Google has been made to do different things coming out of their assured means. What do you think? Anyway, if you were not aware of such Google search features, Enjoy.

January 24, 2010: 6:33 pm

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