Apple Accounted 99.4% Mobile Apps Sale Last Year

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, January 21, 2010

new_apple_ihone_3g_16gb3Mobile Apps is a booming business across the world and the growth is enormous.  As per the research firm Gartner, Apple leads Mobile Apps business and it is responsible for major chunk of 4.2 billion dollars spent on mobile apps in 2009. The research firm further speculates if the trend goes like this, the company is expected to grab one third of the Mob app sales in the current year.

Apple started its mob apps store in 2008 with the launch of  iPhone 3G and the release of iPhone OS 2.0. The sale of iPhone apps reached at 500 million number during the holiday time in December. Apple recently announced that they sold 3 billion application until last month. That means that 2.5 billion apps have been downloaded in 2009.

Gartner further predicts that 4.5 billion apps are expected to be in 2010 sold, for a total of $6.8 billion.  If Apple can continue the latest number ie. 3 billion number of Apps sale in 2010, then they can collect $4.5 billion revenue. Apple’s share is supposed to be $1.35 billion and rest of the money goes to the pocket of developer.

The forecast from Gartner for the year 2013 is 21.6 billion apps sold for a total of $29.5 billion revenue. 25% revenue is going to be generated by free versions supported with advertising. Since, there are plenty of smartphone platforms from companies like RIM, Microsoft, Palm, and Google, the research firm further says that the developers have to choose right platform to make the development of apps profitable.

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