The Google Android Phone to Offer Muti-touch Support to Become more Competitive with iPad

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 4, 2010

google  One major feature that is lacking in Google’s Android phone is muti-touch support. Although, some third party apps with the smartphone supports multi-touch, but, none of the Google apps supports it. So, Google announced the update of software for Nexus phone couple of days back that includes multi-touch for its Browser, Gallery, and Maps applications and pint-zoom functionality which is very popular for iPhone users.

There may be question why Google did not release this feature before. As per the report last year, Google and Apple had some gentleman’s agreement that nobody should violate each other’s technological territory. But, now the deal is off because both of the companies are fighting with each other. Although, Android chief dismissed the story by saying that since, he didn’t like the functionality so far, that’s why it was never launched. But the question remains why the new release of the software almost coincides with Apple’s iPad one?

Google CEO Eric Schmith resigned from the Apple board because the relationship between two companies went sour due to the fact that both of them are competing in the same area. It was further evident because Google voice is not allowed in iPhone. Steve Job  made further remark that Google Android team is out to destroy iPhone.

There may be other reason for Google to be okay now for the release of multi-touch technology.  The release of Palm Pre with the OS webOS last year has muti-touch feature including pinch-to-zoom.  Although, Apple already has patent for the latter technology, they didn’t take any legal action against Google. Apple only made a mild protest. That may be the reason for Google to continue muti-touch support without any fear of legal action against them.

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