ESPN Fantasy Football 2010 Google Android App Out Now

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 9, 2010


ESPN Fantasy Football 2010 is getting popular by the day and the brand new app for Android phones has taken the game altogether to a new horizon. This fully configurable, easy to use app is sure to entertain you on the move with comfortable integration in your Android phone.

With the mercury rising, you need to stay ever updated and check on your fantasy league time and again, so that you don’t miss out some of those best deals for your budding team. Well, its about premonition mostly, if you don’t want to shed off some extra out of your wallet. You have to decide on players when they are yet to become the buzz, because as soon as they get popular the bids gonna go way up. What could be more merrier than this new app which will help you stay connected to Fantasy Football almost all the time.


The app is power-packed with all the features that you can think of, right away from the ability to add and drop players to the liberty to look at stats and projections everything now is in your palm, getting you a strong grip over the game. Other facilities such as news, game previews, matchups, projections, injuries, player cards are worth mentioning and will surely help you strategise your game.

This wonderful gaming app will definitely keep the Fantasy Football lovers glued to their android phones for hours. Well, whats sad is that you have to pay $4.99 to bag this. So, are you ready to enter the next level of ESPN FF 10 with your Android?

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