Top 10 Expense Report Software

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, March 5, 2009

expensemgmtI’ve be talking of HRM software, CRM software and ERP software that could fillip the management system in stretch of recession. Now I am up with one the key issue that drives businesses - expenditure. There are several small and midsized companies which rely on Excel-based travel expense reports and piles of paper purchase orders, requisitions and invoices for tracking the expenses of company. This is being largely replaced by Expense Report Software. These software allow the administrators to track and approve expenses for their workforce. To be straight the businesses can save time as well as money by automating expense report. Here’s my list of  Top 10 Expense Report Software to help you out with your expenditure.

1. GlobalPoint Technologies- ExpensePoint WEB

globalpointExpensePoint has been designed to fully automate and streamline the processing of expense reports. With this web based software employees can create, submit, approve and process expense reports online from any corner of the world.


2. NetSuite

netsuiteThis is a powerful web based software that integrates back-office Accounting with customer-facing CRM and ecommerce in one platform. It offers comprehensive visibility of the expense reporting, payables and receivables. It also generates the up-to-date comparative reports.


3. Expense Anywhere

It’s an Internet based Expense Management System that provides feasible solutions for travel and entertainment expenses cost reduction. Expense Anywhere generates extensive analytics and reports for auditors with detailed data.


4. Expensewatch

expensewatch1Travel and Entertainment is one the most areas where companies have top expenditures. This software helps you to control and reduce the expenses on Travel and Entertainment. It also enables streamlining of expense reports across entire organization.


5. SuperPro Expense Report 5. 0

It is one widely used management tool for generating comprehensive reports on overall expenditures totaled by day and by week. The program offers summary reports of the entire year for individuals.


6. ExpenseWire

It is a fast rising travel and expense management software. ExpenseWire helps to enforce policies to annihilate unwanted expenditure. It’s primarily focused on solving the problem of abysmal end user adoption of expense management solutions.


7. Expense Report Software

This is a free web based expense report software that enables tracking and approving expenses of your software. With Expense Report Software you can create expense reports and add expense items. The Admin users can approve the items and leave comments on the report.


8. Expense Analyzer description

It is an essential spreadsheet application designed to help the small business managers with the task of recording and analyzing.


9. Verian Technologies -Expense Manager

Expense Manager offers a Travel & Expense module that automates the process of filling out, submitting, approving, and receiving payment for extra expenditure apart from the order process. It offers the complete expense reports online within a short span of time.


10.  OpenAir

It has been designed to manage the expenses of independent software Vendors, marketing services companies, consulting firms, and internal corporate service organizations. OpenAir equips the companies with necessary tools to augment profitability and efficiency while lowering costs.



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