Free Enterprise CRM and Groupware Software to Watch

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 13, 2006

The EGS team announced the first candidate release of EGS 1.0. Enterprise Groupware System which provides businesses with an internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) accounting solution. It is under GPL license.

EGS offers modules that allows businesses to develop outstanding communication channels; collect vital customer data; track order histories; view pipelines and build individual customer profiles. It integrates an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) accounting solution enabling the management of all the business’ accounting requirements. EGS can track orders; log invoices; enable on-line purchasing and monitor distribution channels.

I briefly tried the demo. I liked it.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
* Contact management
* Database storage
* Project management and task assignment

* Calendaring – corporate calendar sharing/private viewing
* Document/file sharing
* Content managed websites


* View current and potential opportunities
* View opportunities in Dashboards, Pipelines, Bar charts and Pie charts
* Track and monitor the source of opportunities
* Prioritise opportunities and assign projects

Tracking customers:

Store customer history from first port of call to project completion.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

* Manage all your businesses accounting requirements
* Process multi-currency accounts receivable/payable
* Manage multi-location inventory
* Manage bank accounts and general accounting needs.

The only thing which bothers me is using PHP for an enterprise CRM and ERP system. Yes, I am aware there are other CRM systems using PHP. However IMHO using PHP limits its target audience to relatively small enterprises.

Direct competitor: Compiere, ERP software solution from Compiere with integrated CRM software solutions providing first tier functionality.


March 19, 2006: 8:08 am

hm, i tryed the demo version and it looks pretty nice and clear and easy to use.
i guess i’m gonna try to install it these days.
It will be my first contact with postgresql.
So help me god ;)

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