Glimpse Of The Google Chrome OS

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Saturday, December 5, 2009

When Google unfurled its plans to build an browser based OS, techies were abuzz with the anticipations that the Chrome OS would be lame duck with bunch of infirmity. After much anticipation and waiting, Google unveiled the Chrome OS on November 18th, 2009. The new OS by Google was a combination of already-familiar Chrome browser with a thin Linux underpinning.  However, the Internet search giant revealed that it will take one more year for the computers driven by this OS to appear in the market. Acer netbook would be the first to take on the historic browser based Chrome OS.

The Chrome OS will be web centric in nature and rely mostly on online applications with no hard drive. It will popularize the concept of cloud computing, which is fast emerging as the solution for future of computing.

It will be quite different from the existing operating systems like Windows. While a lot of the Computer users already use the web for sharing and storing their data through Email and online storage, Chrome will be the first OS to make personal computing totally web based. According to the Chrome OS development team, every software that is used by the PC users is soon going to have an online version. Microsoft still thinks that cloud computing and desktop computing will co exist in future. It is satisfied with the response Windows 7 is getting after its release. However, Google does not endorse this view and thinks that Cloud Computing will replace desktop computing in near future.

Initially the Chrome OS will be developed for small Internet tablets and netbooks. The preview version of Chrome demonstrated in a netbook boots amazingly fast. Its interface is quite similar to the Chrome browser. If Google succeeds in wooing the mainstream computer users, personal computing will be taken to new heights altogether.

January 10, 2010: 5:09 am

Being able to use my browser the way I want and have the tools of Glide always available is subtly impressive and powerful.

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