Bing Faces Split decision in Facebook’s Location Based Feature

By Chandrajit, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 19, 2010

NEW YORK ( — Facebook has given a split decision towards Bing and Google in their new Places Mapping Feature. The Bing Maps Team had announced that Facebook will be using the Microsoft Mapping service for Facebook Places. Later, the truth was revealed out.

Facebook is only using Microsoft services to show check-in locations on The Google Maps service will be used over iPhone from where people will be doing most of their check-ins. A Location Based feature will be more used, when people are mobile. Naturally, the Service on devices like iPhone will be used most.

Chris Pendleton of the Bing Maps team offers this explanation:

Bing Maps is the map provider for Facebook Places on Facebook is using the native Apple iPhone map kit within the SDK which fetches Google Maps for check-ins. Note, this is an Apple API that proxies to Google Maps and not a Google Maps API.

Bing Maps is not yet available on iPhone. Once it gets available on iPhone, Bing may also get to offer services to the poeple who check-in from iPhone.

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