How to Upload Photos & Video from Mobile to Facebook: 3 ways

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, July 23, 2009

<b>facebook</b>Facebook is probably one of the fatest growing addictions out there. In Facebook, you are always craving to know what your friends are up to. On the contrary, you might be looking to show them what’s going on in your life. Well, what about photos, don’t they convey a hundred words you would have wasted scribbling? Now for that do you know uploading your photos in Facebook doesn’t even require a PC. There are cool Facebook apps that’ll allow you upload photos from your phone in a jiffy. Just in case you own a camera phone, click a picture and upload it to your Facebook page, as simple as that. Facebook offers several mobile phone applications that includes the apps for uploading photos from your mobile. After extensive googling we dug out 3 Facebook app for uploading photo & video via mobile phone, and how to use them.



How to send videos and pictures from camera phone to Facebook using Zannel

Zanel solution is meant for Facebook members who have an email application on their phone that allows sending attachments. Zannel allows you to upload both photos and videos. Let’s see how to send photos and videos through Zannel

Step 1: Install Zannel into your Facebook account.  Click on the Zannel. The photos in your album will be stored on the Zannel Website, but Facebook might not display the items stored in album.

Step 2: If your registration is complete you will receive a special email address for Zannel. Save the address in the address book of your camera phone so that you don’t have to type it time and again.

Step 3: Attach your photos and videos in the email and send it to the email address provided by Zannel.  All your photos will be automatically posted on your Facebook page.

Step 4: You are done View, your Facebook profile, .


How to upload photos to Facebook using Shozu from a camera phone

This is the easiest photo uploading solution for Facebook. It also offers mobile Facebook updates to organize your uploads into a Facebook photo album. To upload photos from your mobile phone on Facebook using Shozu follow the steps below

Step 1: To see if your phone is compatible for Shozu check the website. If it is compatible download the sotware in your mobile phone and install it.

Step 2: In order to upload pictures to Facebook you have to set it to Share-It destination in Shozu. Follow the instructions.

Step 3: Once Shozu is set up and activated, click a photo on your camera phone. Now Shozu will ask if you want to send the image to Facebook. If you wanna upload the photo approve it.

Step 4: If this was your first attempt to upload photo with Shozu, logon to Facebook. Facebook would request your permission to create a new photo album. Accept the request.

Step 5: Now view the mobile photos in the album displayed on the left column in your Facebook profile


How to upload photos to Facebook using Mobypal from a camera phone

Mobypal is essentially a blog service that offers an app for camera phones that allows you to post photo and videos to Facebook. Mobypal is in beta hand not an accomplished version. To post your photos and videos on Facebook via Mobypal follow the steps below

Step 1: Register for Mobypal blog account

Step 2: Download the Mobypal application to your camera phone. It downloads a Java application to make your phone compatible with smartphone.

Step 3: Install Mobypal to your Facebook account and hit the provided link to connect your Mobypal blog with Facebook account.

Step 4: Launch the Mobypal on your phone. Click a new picture or pick an existing one, or any video and send it to Facebook.

Step 5: The photo appears on the Mobypal blog and can be accessed from your Facebook profile page. In case the picture or video is not visible in Facebook you can check the setting for images. Set the access for images to Public.

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