Top 10 Facebook app for Christmas

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, December 14, 2009

facebook1As Christmas eve approaches, all you Facebook buffs must be eager to get hold of some cool Christmas apps. Of course, there’s no better place to celebrate Christmas than on Facebook, where you spend a some hours everyday. Facebook has a number of cool apps to make your Christmas special. Clearly, when sending a greeting or a gift via Christmas apps, the creative value you get when using the app is a great deal of fun. Facebook is where you have most of your Friends. Greeting them and giving gifts on Facebook is much more than a humble gesture, it’s conveyance of personal feelings, showing the best sentiments of the season. These apps are the best kind of gifts for Christmas. We sorted out the top 10 Facebook apps for Christmas. Make this Christmas special with the Facebook apps.

1. Christmas Countdown


Hallelujah, as Christmas arrives, you might be getting impatient and wanna overclock time. Why not set a countdown timer with a beautiful Christmas tree? The Christmas app allows you to keep in touch of each second before the Christmas day.


2. FarmVille


FarmVille is one of current hot favorites on Facebook and it has a special free item Holiday Tree. Plant the tree and your friends can leave their Christmas gifts beneath it. What’s most interesting you can’t pull off the wrappers until 24th December. The tree would grow and flourish depending on the gifts you receive.


3. Christmas Card

christmas card

As you know, Christmas would be no Christmas without cards. So we provide you one of the most popular Christmas apps that allows you to send cool panoramic Cards to your friends. You have some awesome Christmas Cards with lonely Nativity Scene, Santa Moon and the second Christmas Cats.


4. YoVille

It encloses a wide selection of  Santa-stic gear and furniture, including big furry stockings, Gingerbread, elf and Santa costumes, holly wreathes, Kintara candles, giant nutcrackers, lawn ornaments, chains of fairy lights and what appears to be a frozen cowpat. What more can you expect this Christmas.


5. Say Merry Christmas


This would be a perfect app to accompany your Christmas gifts. It reads “Wish Merry Christmas to all your friends in all languages!” So you can overcome your language barrier to greet your friends across the world.


6. Santa Yourself


What about disguising yourself as a cute Santa this Christmas. All that you need to do is choose a picture with your face from your profile or album and scale, move and rotate it to fit into dancing Santa. Now send this to your friends with a message. Just one of those cool ways to greet Merry Christmas.


7. Christmas Cheer


Great app to go with your Christmas gift. Send cool gifts to your friends and receive and watch your Christmas Cheer Meter soar high. If you receive the most number of gifts, you become a Cheermeister before your friends!!


8. Snowball fight


The Glaciers are melting with Global heat and you might find no snow this Christmas lol. Why not have a snowball fight on Facebook. It’s almost like one of those real sim games, but there’s no snow to dig into and you have no real friends to throw snow at. All what you do is bash your keyboard, sending ones and zeros over the net. Well, that could be a bit of early practice, in case you have snow to play this Christmas.


9. Pet Society

If you are looking for some piscine Christmas confections and decorations, here’s the latest. Pet Society queue’s up Gingerbreadfish, Santahatfish and Giftwrappedfish. It’s a world where you and your pet can have a great time. What’s more you can play games, decorate your house as well as bring gifts for your friends when you visit them. You need to bust out your line and rod to grab these morsels. It’s a cool app to share your fun with friends this Christmas.


10. What’s your Funny Christmas Name


It’s Christmas time to show how witty you are. This app is an amusing name generator that a number of people might get a kick out of. Sometimes it gets annoying. Simply select a card, and input their name and gender. Set out to create aliases of your friends this Christmas.


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