Photoas Facebook App is the Latest Spam App for Facebook

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 8, 2010

Google is hot with search for photoas Facebook. What is actually photoas? It is the latest spam app for Facebook. It’s a red alert for all Facebook users those who love to play with new apps. You might receive a Facebook message from your friends asking to install the photoas app. Make sure you never install the app. By fluke if you install the app it will use your account to start to spamm all your friends’ photos with links. In case you are one of the victims, we’ll guide you how to get rid of the  photoas Facebook app?

Actually the photoas Facebook app will send messages to others that you have commented on their photo even if you didn’t.  To get rid of the app go to the settings tab and then to the application settings. Look for the app in the list and delete it immediately.  In case we receive any further information on photoas Facebook we will keep you updated.

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