PS3 Update 3.40 Download: Top 5 Features Highlighted

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finally the Play Station 3 update 3.40 is out. Sony has unveiled PS3 3.40, a paid service for PS3 owners. The updated version of PS3 software comes with arrays of new features that include revamped Photo Gallery, Video Editor and Uploader, downloading free games, five star rating etc.

1. Five Star Rating

When you are done with downloading PS3 firmware update 3.4, you will come across a rating system. You can rate the PlayStation game you have purchased with one to five star ratings.

2. Photo Gallery

With PS3 3.40, you can share photos on Facebook and Picasa. In addition, you can print photos directly from the Photo Gallery and also share photos with your PSN friends.

3. Video Editor and Video Uploader

The new feature found on the PS3 3.40 enables you to edit and save video files before uploading them to Facebook or YouTube.

4. Power Saving settings

Power saving is another important feature of PS3 3.40. The default auto-off, which is set at two hours will provide you with additional power save options and more improved power saving options.

5. Play Station Plus

The avid users of Play station will be delighted to find exclusive features and content with PS3 3.40. They will gather all together a different gaming experience with the new version of PlayStation. A new service called PlayStation Plus will enable users to these activities. For this users have to purchase membership to PlayStation Plus.

Apart from the five most striking features, PS3 3.40 has lots of other features to offer you. So, download the PS3 update soon and have a rollicking gaming experience with it. Please let us know exciting features you find on PS3 3.40.

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