Samsung Bada 2.0 To Host NFC and Improvements
Is Bada going to be bigger than Android? Well we are hesitant to make any comments at this point.
Power Widget Plus A Custom made Device For the Android Control Freak
If you are the kind of the person who would like have control over everything on your home screen we would have to recommend the Power Widget Plus.
Foursquare Launches New API
We reported Yesterday that Foursquare had surpassed 5 million subscribers.
Gingerbread Keyboard Comes Knocking in Android 2.2
One of the most improved section of the Android's Gingerbread update, the incredibly intuitive and elegant keyboard is getting a release on the current generation of Android based phones.
Vodafone Introduces HTC Desire Z at £35/Month
Telecom giant Vodafone has decided to bring a smile to it's customers face as they plan to give out HTC Desire Z for only 35.
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