The New Security Features of Hotmail vs Gmail Security

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Sunday, May 23, 2010

hotmail According to the press release, Microsoft is due to release the revamped Hotmail in the mid summer that includes several crucial security features like full-session SSL, visual indication for trusted email senders, and improved password recovery mechanism.

The following shows the addition of new features and compares them with Gmail security features.

  • Full Session SSL:  The new Hotmail is going to support the option for SSL encryption between you and Microsoft servers during your entire Hotmail session in addition to SSL encryption during login process for all accounts.
  • Trusted Senders: You will be able to identify trusted senders visually in your inbox with the new Hotmail by putting safety logos next to those senders. This is due to the fact of fraud and phishing activities.
  • Account Security Information: You can use your cell phone or other items as proof of account ownership as a part of new security features of the modified Hotmail. For example, if you lose your password or,  if your account gets hacked, Hotmail can now send you an account recapture code via an SMS message so that you can access again to your account.
  • Single User Code:  Additionally, with the new security option, you will also be able to ask Hotmail to SMS  you a one-time temporary password if don’t like not to use your regular password  at public places like airports or internet cafe. The reason behind this is when you log in Hotmail account on public computers that could potentially use key logging malware that could steal your password.

And although the introduction of safety logos for banks and financial institutions is a great idea, since it would help the Hotmail users to identify  fraudulent emails more easily. Both, trusted senders, full-session SSL , and SMS-based password recovery, have been available to Gmail users for a while. However, Microsoft introduced some interesting feature like SMS based single sign in codes. In comparison, Gmail has only password recovery option via sms.

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