The Enquiries for the Recruitment of Cloud Computing Expert Jumps by 210%

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Friday, February 19, 2010

cloud-computing-kitchen-sink  Resource On Demand, a Cloud recruitment firm recently reported that they witnessed 210% jump in 2010 for the recruitment enquiries for individuals in the area of Cloud Computing and SaaS. The requirement went up to 10 from 3 per week lately. It suggests that many big organization are relying on Cloud Computing now a days and that generates demand for cloud specialists. The company realized the beginning of economic recovery in the final quarter of 2009 and is now expanding to cope with the demand that they are facing.

The Resource in demand works as “pay as you go” type of monthly fees. In other word, it works just like Saas model. You pay a low, fixed subscription fees that starts to find someone to fill the position and continues for the first 12 months in this position. If they leave within 12 month period, you stop making further payment. That means there is no waste of money for manpower and you can continue your business during difficult time.

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