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Chrome OS Sports Cloud Computing Architechture
Google is all excited about it's latest buzz -- The Chrome Operating System, so are we all.
60% Enterprise may Reject Windows for Chrome OS: Google
It is become pretty clear by now that Google will not be able to launch stable version of Chrome OS this year.
Big Name Firms Get Together to Promote Cloud Alliance
70 big firms like BMW, Shell and Marriott Hotels met together and said that cloud computing can not be implemented in full swing unless major firms work together.
IBM Unveiled Security Solution to Dispel the Fear of Cloud Security among Enterprises
IBM recently introduced security assessments solution that will make cloud computing safer. It was aimed to target the security challenges of cloud computing with the help of new cloud security planning and assessment services and managed services to help clients secure their clouds.
Microsoft Formally Launched Windows Phone 7 to the World
Microsoft formally unveiled Windows Phone 7 to the world.
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