Top 10 Reasons To Hate Apple iPad

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, February 1, 2010

There are loud talks in this Grammy - Stephen Colbert has an iPad. Does it make any difference to his talent. The political satirist had a point to contemplate, when he said what kind of pocket did that come out of. This sounded like a chaffing on the Cupertino men who had always boasted about their near-perfect creations. But this time they landed on the wrong Foot. Apple’s iPad could do what Vista did for Microsoft. With an unprecedented hype and rumors, Apple’s tabled seemed to be something close to the gadget of the millennium.  But, then you don’t need to buy a gadget only because it has Steve Jobs associated with it.  We decided to pick out the top 10 reasons to hate Apple iPad.

1. Based on the OS of iPhone

At the first glimpse it appears that iPad is a stretched version of iPhone.  However, the OS and interface is the same. What’s the big deal in using the same phone features in a bigger device. What irks most is that you have drag-and-drop feature.

2. No multi-tasking

Steve Jobs was proud to announce his cheap laptop that he called iPad. But even a netbook allows you to run your browser, a Word Document and media player simultaneously.  So it high time for Mr. Steve’s to define a new breed of laptops that satisfies most of the smartphone characteristics and some of the netbooks features.

3. Reading books on the iPad

The web’s abuzz with rumors that iPad is a Kindle killer. With hands on experience, your eyes would not tolerate iPad for more than 2 hours. You are most likely to suffer a headache. To know more you can go through a lively conversation between Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle.

4. No physical keyboard

This is a big crime. Typing on a touchscreen might sound nice, but the hassles are only known to the people who have used it. Just a misplaced tap on the key and an unwanted typo. Without a keyboard its difficult to manage. How many people require big screen portable computing without real keyboard. The keyboards on netbooks protect the screen.

5. No Flash support

The most annoying feature that no gamer would ever tolerate. It’s somewhat Apple’s concept netbook that won’t show up most of the cool flash stuff in a websites. Adobe Flash team and Apple team need to work with Adobe flash team to offer flash support for flash-based-apps in the iPhone.

6. No camera

Who on earth needs a stretched iPhone without a camera. Gosh! you can’t use Skype.   We could suggest a front-facing camera might have done.

7. No USB port

By now you must have know that you can’t just plug in your digital camera with iPad to download pictures. Now what you need to know is that you’ll actually have buy a $30 adapter that Apple will be selling. That’s a tough bargain to handle.

8. No widgets

iPad flaunts a huge screen with more than decent void space. What about widgets to fill the space, say calculator, sticky notes or anything else.

9. One and Only Network

Apple decision to stick to AT&T is no way a right move. Customers could have found better options in T-Mobile and everybody would have been happy. Apple doesn’t seem to care about people.

10. Battery Life

The claim for upto 10 hours  battery life doesn’t sound real. With the Wi Fi or 3G turned on we might need to change it twice a day. For more, play a game on your iPad for an hour, do a little bit of web browsing for 2 hours, and your battery is dead.


The question remains, with loads of netbooks available in the market bundled with keyboards, flash support and multitasking, why would one go for that feel good touch experience by Apple. Before you decide to buy an iPad you could take fuehrer’s noble opinion.

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April 26, 2010: 9:01 am

This website is aptly named. You can’t argue against battery life by saying it doesn’t seem real. That’s a ridiculous point and it seems as though you are grasping at straws. The battery life is supposed to be excellent and many people have actually reported more than 10 hours when watching videos, and that includes running email in the background, etc. Multitasking will come, and you don’t mention that while there is no multitasking, the device is wickedly fast, so launching apps is practically instantaneous, nothing like launching bloated windows apps on an underpowered netbook. One of the main reasons I would buy an iPad over a netbook is that netbooks run out of the box software that was meant and made to run on larger screens. Nothing has been redesigned for the form factor.

All of the built-in Apple apps and some of the paid ones that I have seen have been redesigned to take best advantage of the screen size, whereas most netbooks I have used have so many menus and status bars, there is little room left for your content.

I would rather have a very fast iPad without multitasking (at least initially), than a slow one with it.

Some of your other points, like flash and usb are valid. I too would prefer flash support, so we will see how that works itself out.

As for the keyboard, it will use the standard Apple wireless keyboard or the keyboard dock that can be purchased separately, so there is one available. I think they keyboard issue is largely a matter of what you are accustomed to, I have had an iPhone for a couple of years and am quite adept on it, though a real keyboard is always more comfortable and faster.

Hector Macias Ayala
April 15, 2010: 7:05 pm

Not comparable to a netbook.
Not comparable to a Laptop.
Not comparable to a desktop PC.
Not comparable to a smartphone.

And shame of a tablet.

No new category BS here.

john pinto
April 8, 2010: 3:56 am

I am writing this from my iPad. It’s been on for about 8 hours (still has 53% left). I’ve been Playing YouTube videos all day, and i also read a book which I read for about 3 hours in a pitch black room and guess what I have no headaches and perfect vision. I had the kindle, it does not compare. I do use the kindle app and not the iBook app though (I believe the formatting is better). I could hit on almost all your points but I’m sleepy. I think you need to play with your iPad some more before writing articles like this, your very misinformed and misleading. Well you did write this before it came out.

I Love Choice
April 6, 2010: 2:48 pm

@ David
1.Although software really comes down to preference, I know many people that consider iTunes restrictive and bloated. (i.e. switching “manual mode” erases the songs on your iPod thus possibly losing content).

2.Voided warrantee. Just because you can get away with it doesn’t make it legitimate. I am not willing to walk around with an $869.00 piece of glass with no warrantee.

3.E-ink readers can provide 50-100 hours of battery life and are unquestionably better on your eyes. I personally have spent 3+ hours with textbooks both on an LCD and a Kindle. There is no comparison. The Kindle is VASTLY superior with regards to ease of readability.

4.Keyboards. A touch keyboard will never be able to replace a physical one. Do you see those two small notches on your F and J keys? Those are physical guides to allow touch-typing. It is not possible for you or anyone else to type reliably without looking on a touch screen. In addition a touch keyboard takes up valuable screen real estate on an already cramped device supposedly designed for productivity software like iWork.

5.Flash. Steve Jobs does not know better than I do what I want and even if it means an occasionally slower user experience I want Flash. HTML5 is years from being a complete, standard format and while a few big names have made the switch many smaller sites won’t change for years and some never will. The point is choice. A net book allows me to choose Flash or HTML5. You hit the real nail on the head here I will give you that. Flash compatibility would decrease app sales. That lack of choice hurts the consumer.

6.SD allow for expandable memory. If the adapter is in use the iPad can’t charge, use a keyboard, or charge any other device like a phone at the same time. 64Gb is very limiting. My personal music and movie collection needs 10 times that space. Consider someone who works with uncompressed HD video for a living and the problem only gets worse. 250Gb+ is common on portable computers and like it or not 250 > 64. A single port severely limits productivity options. As far as video conferencing goes it is real. In large corporations it can even be common. No camera is a silly arbitrary omission to increase profit considering there is a much cheaper iPod with one.

7.iPad is based on the iPhone. A USB port on a phone is less of an issue than a device billed as a productivity aid. During his unveiling Steve Jobs showed off the ability to create beautiful presentations easily. The problem is how do we quickly show those presentations on a large screen such as a projector or television? There is no simple solution. Many laptops and even the upcoming phone, the HTC Evo, have HDMI out making for a much more adaptable device in an unpredictable corporate environment where presentations would be needed.

8.See #2.

9.Yes the iPad is unlocked and you are right $30/month is an incredible (possibly the best) deal out there. The problem is I also need Internet on my phone. A net book allows me to tether the Internet I already have on my phone to my computer for free.

10.Point for you. The iPad battery life is hands down better than a laptop or net book of any kind. The upside is a laptop can charge in the wall while charging my phone and my camera, the iPad cannot. A net book also allows me to have backup batteries. The iPad does not.

Attacking grammer is a bit off topic here. It is not a work on the English language it’s a work on the iPad.

March 25, 2010: 8:48 am

Eric, I hope your kidding.

March 22, 2010: 12:06 pm

It’s not a netbook. It’s not a phone. It’s a new category. What part of that do you not understand? Sheesh.

What makes you think it can’t use Skype? Skype is not for just video conferencing.

Based on the iPhone OS. Yeah, and the iPhone OS is based on OS X.

A really pathetic set of cricisims.

February 25, 2010: 3:49 am

11. No Java VM.
The reason must be the same as for Flash. But Java is requested by a lot of developers who do not want to port everything they do to Objective-C, especially if they intend to develop Android Apps too.
Fortunately, one can still develop Java apps for iPhone/iPod and most certainly iPad (haven’t tried this one yet, but there is no reason it can’t be done).
A way to to that is to use iSpectrum (by FlexyCore ). iSpectrum will cross compile you Java app to produce an iPhone executable you can run on the XCode simulator or install on the device (provided that you are equipped with a mac).
It complies with Apple’s SDK agreement so you can publish your apps on the Appstore.

February 2, 2010: 6:12 pm

apple ipad really wonderful

February 1, 2010: 10:54 am

1. You can organize apps through iTunes. You dont have to drag and drop, although the majority found that system simple and very easy to understand.

2. Jailbreak

3. I use Stanza on my iPhone to read books, and the text it self if customizable to suit lighting conditions. And your “hands-on-experience” is not relevant unless you read a book on the iPad for over 3 hours.

4. Netbook keyboards are cramped and hard to use as well. Typos are fixed instantaneously via an iPhone’s spell-check (of course, the iPad has this as well). Keyboards are not the only thing that protects a screen. Currently, there’s a huge market just for iPhone cases, the same will happen to the iPad.

5. Flash is slow compared to HTML5 on any mac, pc or linux. Results would be disastrous on an iPad. Also it’s quite obvious that if apple allowed flash games, than app sales would significantly decrease.

6. There’s an adapter for SD Cards from Cameras. “Gosh! you can’t use Skype”. Umm, yes you can. You can still call or IM skype contacts. And Skype doesnt do 3-way video conferencing anyway (bad for businesses), iChat on the mac does that (you know, the one APPLE made).

7. You said at the top of the article that the iPad was based on the iPhone. The iPhone doesn’t have an USB port.

8. Jailbreak for quick app switching + multi-task

9. Technically, apple didnt “stick” with AT&T. It’s unlocked, although the only carrier that support the iPad is AT&T. Still, the $30/month unlimited service is a bargain, and if you travel over seas u can easily switch SIM cards.

10. On apple’s Website it specifically says “Up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music”. So, instead of the “little bit of web browsing for 2 hours” you would get at the least 6 hours. Apple’s MacBook Pro met Apple’s 7-hour mark on most battery tests conducted on it. Reliability is not an issue.

Overall, a persuasive article for the average joe, but as an international student who took SAT, IGCSE and higher-level english for IB, this article would not achieve very high marks in IB standards. You need to do more background research, back up your argument with solid evidence, and clarify some things.
More notes:

-The iPad is not a laptop. It uses the iPhone OS 3.1.2, not Mac OSX. The iPad is not a “concept netbook” either. Steve Jobs himself said that Apple didn’t know how to make a cheap netbook that had good performance.
-”Battery Life doesn’t sound real” is your perspective, not evidence.
-You need to restructure some sentences like “Adobe Flash team and Apple team need to work with Adobe flash team”. The Adobe Flash team doesn’t need to work with themselves.
-”We could suggest a front-facing camera might have done.” Again, need to restructure the sentence, and video-calls on Skype wouldn’t really work anyway if the camera was not a front-facing camera.
-”Customers could have found better options in T-Mobile” I’m pretty sure T-Mobile doesn’t offer unlimited data plans under $30/month
-”Apple doesn’t seem to care about people” If this was the case, then Apple wouldn’t have fought for an AT&T subscription you can cancel any time and instead you would now be locked into a 2-year contract. And no body likes that. Also, the $499 starting price is a lot cheaper than most analysts predictions of $600~$900. If Apple didn’t care about it’s customers, the iPad would be around that range.

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