How to learn pronunciation on Firefox browser

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Are non-native English speaker who is often stuck with the enunciation of words? Well, on Internet there are loads of free dictionaries where you can get the exact phonation of the words. Now getting the results for searches of such words or sentences in an online dictionary can be time consuming. Using the online dictionary everytime you need to find a word is always disturbing. You can escape the hassle with a simple, free Firefox add-on - Text to Speech. This add-on offers accurate pronunciation of words instantly.

Text to Speech add-on makes you Firefox browser talk the words you want it to. On installing the add-on you will find a miniature speaker icon that appears on the right bottom of the browser. In order to get the pronunciation form the add-on, you just need to highlight the particular word/phrase. Now click on the speaker icon which will open a new browser tab that is opened. You will get the vozMe(free online tool for text to speech conversion) page . If required you can play and listen to the pronunciation repeatedly. Further you can also download the pronunciation’s audio file and save it in your computer.

Here is the link for the add-on.

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