How to use multiple Gmail account in Firefox browser

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 18, 2009

Firefox users have always been complaining of not being able to access multiple Google Gmail accounts. To access different Gmail accounts, you have to sign out of one and sigh in into the other. Now let’s say you have multiple Gmail account for your company and others clients, how do your deal with these multiple accounts when using Firefox browser. This is especially important for those working on Linux systems, using Firefox as their mainstay. After much googling we came across a Firefox add-on that would allow you to switch to multiple Gmail accounts from the single interface. It’s a simple and easy-to-use Firefox add-on Google Account Multi Login that works with Greasemonkey script. Let’s see how

Go through these steps to install the Gmail Switcher

Step 1: Install the Grasemonkey
Step 2: Click the link to Install the Gmail Switcher
When the window appears click on install. The Gmail login script will be installed in Greasemonkey

Step 3:
Now Login to your Gmail email account and sign out will be replaced by Gmail Switcher box.

Step 4: Gmail Switcher box is a drop down box. In the drop down menu click on the Add Account and add the Gmail username and password. To add other Gmail addresses follow the same procedure.


Step 5: Now you can switch from one Gmail account to another without any hassle. Go to the Gmail Switcher drop down menu and select click on the email address to which you wanna switch to.

Once the add-on is installed in your browser you will be able to use Multiple Google Gmail login switcher to switch between Gmail email accounts without signing out from current Gmail account.

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