Unknown singer draws 10,000 girls to feature in his debut single video

Monday, September 13, 2010

LONDON - An unknown singer, who invited girls on Facebook to feature on the video and artwork for his debut single, ‘Miss Pretty’, was taken aback by the overwhelming response.

Jonathan Haselden was expecting “only around a dozen” girls to respond, but 10,000 young women all wanting a share in the limelight suddenly besieged him.

Haselden, 28, wrote and recorded the song in his bedroom and set up a Facebook group looking for girls to help out.

He was inundated with girls from across the world who sent him pictures of themselves.

Many others “auditioned” for the promo video with pictures of themselves dancing in their bedrooms.

Bachelor Jonathan whittled his legions of fans down to just 118 girls who were professionally filmed dancing with him in the final video.

And of the 10,000 women who sent him photos the bachelor slashed the number down to 395 for the artwork for the single.

These include young women from countries including New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Bulgaria, Cyprus and South Africa.

Jonathan, from Wimbledon, south London, is hoping to be the first “unsigned” artist ever to hit the number one spot in the charts.

“I am overwhelmed at the response. I thought it had reached its peak when it reached 2,500 but to get 10,000 is just crazy. The amount of effort that everyone put in is really touching,” the Daily Express quoted Haselden as saying. (ANI)

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