Do I Know How To Hack MySpace?

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Saturday, February 2, 2008

I had previously stated clearly that I will not help anyone to hack MySpace, even if I did know how to. Guess how can you incite me? Here is a very interesting email I received through the contact form which does that admirably:

emily waters wrote: well you answered my question you said you dont help people hack into someones elses myspace but i really think you dont know how for i have read it is difficult. well i did want to get into my fiancee not to spy on him but to see if he is ready to commit cause he dont want to delete it so in certain situation i think you could help someone. Website: IP:

That was pretty provocative, no? So do I know how to hack MySpace or I don’t? The bottomline is that I will not hack into MySpace for any reason.

I don’t believe MySpace (or any Social Networking site for that matter) can be so important as to require hacking into it to know other’s private details. If you really want to know someone’s private life then ask it from him / her. If you don’t trust him / her or you doubt him / her then one or more of the following is true:
1. He / She deserves it (untrustworthy)
2. Your don’t know whom to trust (lack the judgement skills)
3. You are of a very suspicious nature
4. You are untrustworthy yourself and fear the same
5. You lack the guts to face him / her

In either case you are better off breaking this relationship, so there you go. You have been worrying about nothing :)


kelsey george
April 18, 2010: 10:58 pm

how to hack peoples myspace accounts.

how to veiw peoples deleted photos and deleted things of there profile that used to be desplayed on there profile.

how to veiw who veiws your profle on myspace.

February 25, 2010: 4:08 pm

I’m trying to hack to myspace not the website of myspace just a friend’s myspace I would say ex now…. I don’t want nothing to do with her and I think it would be right if I just detele her because she delete my profile…. So please help me it would be sooo helpful and say with facebook because she has facebook as weill thanks chrissie :)

February 19, 2010: 4:31 pm

I am wanting to try to figure it out cuz my ex posted some bad pics of me that I really dont want to get out. I really need to know how to hack his myspace so I can get rid of these pics myself.

October 17, 2009: 3:57 am

well. i need to find a way onto my old myspace. from years ago.i can prove its me. i just dont remember what the email or password is. would you be able to help me?

August 8, 2009: 8:23 pm

I need to hack my own
because my asshole ex decided to go on a rampage inside it, and is slandering my reputation and character, I really need help so I can do something to fix this quick or it could basically ruin me and any possible future for me. I cant get my password by sending it to my email since I forgot the password to my email. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!! Before this person does worse.
Thank you so much once again,

August 4, 2009: 5:56 pm

Hi some one hacked my myspace and i changed my password and know i forgot it what do i do please help

June 7, 2009: 2:28 pm

Please hack to this Facebook

and send it to me in

April 28, 2009: 2:31 am

will you please tell me step by step instructions on how to hack into myspace

September 17, 2008: 5:59 pm

I have an Idea…. Stop spamming how do I hack how do I hack and use this site…
Its your best friend ever.
here is somthing you could look up “backtrack 3″ its a linux based operating system designed for network penetration with like 200 tools for such

if you want to “Hack” you should look on Hacking and exploit sites.

Realize this… you can actually get a ethical hacking degree online.

I cannot tell you how to “Hack myspace” it is not only illegal but if you post it online every tom sue dick and harry will be doing it and it will be fixed very fast.
Myspace makes tones of money they have the resorces…

ill leave you with a couple of places to look into hacking so your not running around looking for the elite autohackzors to the 3rd power and end up with a virus or a keylogger which inturn screws you in the end.

this should give you a good start on what your looking for there all legit professional sites so don’t worry about them and dont execute nothing stupid on your own computer

Very good resorces

August 22, 2008: 11:56 pm

Hey! How bout you hack into my account (picturetrail) could u do that?? I just forgot my password and cant use my email; it’s no longer valid.
Please email me at for more info.

Deborah Sparaga
August 17, 2008: 10:24 am

Yes. I need to get into my own myspace. I have had i about 3 years and have over 3000 friends. I also promote my business through there so I need it for professional reasons as well. My pw is not working and the email I started with is a old work email so I no longer have access to it. I can give you any information you need to prove who I am. My myspace is
Please email me at or
thank you

August 5, 2008: 8:52 pm

aye wassup man
how the heck do you hack a myspace?
this bitch added me and like she said she wanna start some shit with me then she hacked me and changed my password.

June 10, 2008: 5:00 pm

Please hack to this yahoo

and send it to me in

plus I have other hackers in my site but oh well please help because I forgot my yahoo

June 10, 2008: 4:03 pm


i changed my password to prevent my sister from going on it, and i forgot it.

And I really want to know my password! I can give you any other information you want on it, so that you know that it is mine. i just want to know how to get on it!

June 3, 2008: 3:44 pm

HeY,all i want is how to hack my space account because my gurl friend is not honest with me and she uses my space account for that shit!!!!

May 15, 2008: 6:26 pm

i need to know how i can hack into my own myspace, i forgot my password and i can get it back because my email doesnt’t exist its the only way i can get it back.

March 29, 2008: 7:53 pm

quiero ver perfiles privados pero sin tener que enviar alguna solicitud
no solo fotografias

chad foxman
March 18, 2008: 6:39 pm

Yeah so someone hacked my myspace and it wont email me my password to my email address so anyone wanna help me hack my own myspace?? i can send salutes to prove its my profile and all if needed


March 9, 2008: 4:08 pm

will you please tell me step by step instructions on how to hack into myspace

February 26, 2008: 8:51 pm

i changed my myspace password to prove to my boyfriend that i didnt need it when we got into a fight. now its been 7 months and i want to get on it but i changed my email password too, im seriously in one big mess up….HELP?

February 5, 2008: 8:53 pm

Yes, i had a question.

Someone got into my myspace and changed everything including my password, so now I am unable to sign in.

I have been trying to contact myspace through email but it hasnt been very successful.

The more time i wait for myspace to get back to me the more they keep doing to my profile and talking to people and acting like me.

I was wondering if there was anything you could do to help me get my myspace back.

I can send you pictures of me to prove i really am the person on that myspace and the rightful owner.

If you could reply A.S.A.P.
it would be greatly appreciated

thank you for your time

February 5, 2008: 5:33 pm

uh, what if i wanted you to hack into my own myspace?
i kinda forgot my myspace password.

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