Google Chrome Latest Version: What’s New?

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, March 19, 2009

chromecolour3Google Chrome new beta version got some important updates as it was released on 17th March, 2009. With Firefox constantly upgrading itself to settle to a stable version that is less prone to crashing and with IE 8 threatening to come out with seriously flexible features, this move from Google was quite expected. Google Chrome hasn’t hit the same success story of Google’s other products yet. For a matter of fact, Google Chrome’s initial hype was soon superseded by other browsers for strange reasons. So let’s explore the updated google Chrome New beta.


This new version is all about speed. Google claims that it’s 25% faster on the V8 benchmark and 35% faster on the Sunspider benchmark than the current stable channel version and almost twice as fast when compared to the original beta version. As a proof of that they have these following perforomance images to show.

graph1graph2I have tried it myself. And I think the new Google Chrome with all the add-ons look more like a cleaner Firefox and yes, the speed is indeed notable. However, there have been reports that, the version is still quite unstable and don’t try out that password manager with full faith.

Form Fill

Th new Google Chrome remembers the text you enter on websites to save you time and typing in the future. The next time you fill out the same text boxes, Google Chrome automatically shows you what you’ve entered previously. To auto-populate the text field with the saved info, simply select it with your mouse or arrows on your keyboard excepting the websites who don’t allow you to do that. Its really a cool option added to Google Chrome and works perfectly.

Webpage Zoom

Use the zoom options to increase or decrease the size of text on a webpage and the full webpage per se. Go to Page menu and select Zoom. Whereas text zoom only affects the text on a webpage, full-page zoom scales everything on the page, including images.

Auto Scrolling

Activate auto-scrolling. As you move your mouse, the page automatically scrolls according to the direction of the mouse.

Drag Tabs

If you use Google Chrome Beta, you can use docking positions to quickly resize your browser window. Drag a tab to pre-defined locations on your computer monitor or browser window. When the docking icon appears, release the mouse over the icon to have the tab snap to the docking position.


But what worries me is, even though they are beneficial, they are by no means significant. Google Chrome, with these features may not be able to cast the same impact that browsers like Firefox, Safari or for the matter IE8 is promising. We will have to wait and watch. Till then try out the latest Google Chrome BETA. and tell us if you liked it or not.


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