How To Find Your Mobile Phone / Cellphone is Real or Fake

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, April 10, 2009

One of the common questions I get is whether a Nokia N series phone is real of fake. The same holds true for any other cellphone or mobile. With so many fake mobile phones in the market, it is imperative to know whether you have the real deal, especially when you have plunked several thousands of real money to get it. Here is the full scoop.

Importance of IMEI number of your mobile / cellphone

It is very important to know the IMEI number of your mobile for three important reasons:

  1. If your mobile phone gets lost or stolen -  you can inform your network provider who can then put the IMEI number of the phone on a shared database. This list stops your lost / stolen mobile from registering on any network and will be useless for anyone even if the mobile’s SIM card is changed.
  2. The IMEI number is also useful to unlock mobile phones and get them working once they are found.
  3. The IMEI number provides details about the original manufacturer of the mobile phone and the model so you can determine if your mobile is fake or not.

stolen or lost mobile phones, you never know when it might be useful!

How to find IMEI number of your mobile phone

Type *#06# on your mobile phone and the IMEI number will be instantly displayed. Store it in a safe place.

Note: The above technique will work for most mobiles. In the rare case it doesn’t, you have to check the manual.

How to find if your mobile phone is real or fake

Go to International Numbering Plans site and enter your IMEI number. It will provide you will the following details:

  • Type Allocation Holder - The will tell you the real manufacturer of the mobile phone ex. Nokia
  • Mobile Equipment Type - Mobile phone model like Nokia N81
  • GSM Implementation Phase
  • IMEI Validity Assessment - Validity assessment of your mobile, green is good.
  • Est. Date of Range Issuance
  • Reporting Body
  • Primary Market
  • Legal Basis for Allocation
  • Full IMEI Presentation
  • Reporting Body Identifier
  • Type Allocation Code
  • Serial Number
  • Check Digit

That’s it folks!


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javier murillo
July 19, 2009: 11:12 pm

please take me off this website i know its some kind of scam i already reported to Sprint my cell company

April 16, 2009: 8:40 pm

I blanked out your mobile no to protect you. You should:
1. Register a complaint / diary at local police station and mention your IMEI number
2. Call your mobile company with your IMEI number so they can try to trace the mobile and also disable it so the thief cannot use it either. You will also get a replacemnt SIM card from them.

Aim Karki
April 16, 2009: 5:49 pm

Dear Sir,,

we lost my mobile phone Nokia 3110 classic on 13/04/2009 in chandigarh. the imei no is 35********** it is my sister mb mb. i i gifted to my siter on birthday. so i requisted you if you have any software so please find my mb it is my humbly request to you…….. my mb no is: - +91-99*******


April 10, 2009: 3:38 pm

Dis info was helpfull but how do you open ur mobil if you want to change it from virgin blue to do you open the code of your mobile phone??

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