Top 10 Facebook Apps for Business

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, July 6, 2009

<b>facebook</b> appsIf you are still of the opinion that LinkedIn is the only social networking hub for business, you might be goofing. Well, Facebook is not only the most popular social media now, its fast growing into a business destination for professionals across the world. Here I need to make it clear that Facebook itself is not a hot property for business, but it can turn heads when it’s powered with business tools or applications. These Facebook applications can play a key role in your business ventures as well as in professional use. From the array of Facebook app, I sorted out the top 10 facebook apps that would assist you in communicating, networking and communicating with business.

1. Tag Biz Pro Business Cards

Tag Biz Pro Business Cards
There are number of business card app for Facebook but this is a unique one.  Tag Biz Pro stands out from the rest of the pack with its realistic index card design and array of built-in networking features. It helps you to create a business network within the social network. Tag biz pro streamlines the relationship networking and referral process by placing the custom business keyword tag cloud on your Facebook profile of your friends participating in the business network.

  • The offers the following features
  • Creating a Business Card and customize it
  • Attaching your business Card to Facebook messages
  • Allow others to know what you are looking for

Just pick your keyword and invite your friends and build your own business network with Tag Biz


2. MyMoney

With this app you can manage your finances right from your Facebook profile in a simple and secured way.  MyMoney is essentially an online home banking app that assists you to interact with various financial institutions. It allows you to view your account balances, transfer money between accounts, review histories and a lot more. The app uses multiple layers of security, which secures your access to your account. Using MyMoney you can calculate how much you can spend on what.


3. Introductions

This one is a networking app that allows you to meet new people in Facebook. Introduce your friends to each other and ask introduction with professionals web programmer, designer or good lawyer, etc. This application quickens the process of effective networking by allowing you to give and receive introductions in an thoroughfare.


4. Facebook Video

The Facebook app allows you to share high-quality video. It’s the perfect platform to share videos of presentations product demos and even company commercials. You can use your webcam to record a video or send message to friends.  Above all Facebook Video supports all video formats.


5. MyOffice


It’s a perfect app for teams spread across different offices. MyOffice allows you manage your project or business with a collaborative suite of tools. with MyOffice you can schedule meetings with your group discuss ideas, share files, create to do lists, assign tasks and collaborate on docs and whiteboards. It provides the easiest and quickest way to collaborate with your colleague, partners or clients.


6. Slideshare

This is world’s largest community for sharing presentations where you can upload your PowerPoint, OpenOffice, PDF files or Keynote. Further you can view presentations by others. It’s provides a great way to share your presentations on your profile.


7. My BusinessBlinkWeb

It’s an automated online tool with which you can promote your business through your friends, and their friends. To put it simply, the widget turns your friends, clients or customers into your advertiser.


8. Huddles Workspace

Actually this app is not meant to be added to your business profile, but it can be used to store your personal documents that your wanna share with a specific group of friends. It offers upto 1 Gb of free space and has a collaborative approach for organizing and sharing files. Huddles is a complete collaboration application.


9. Phonebook

Often you are asked for contact for by your friends and coworkers. With Phonebook you’ll be able to share your rolldex in a secure environment. Moreover, you can append your emails and notes to the contacts, back up your list and compare, or, exchange it with your associates. Next your co-worker needs a number when you are on a vacation, he/she can just check with the Phonebook.


10. Business Cards

This Facebook app is designed to thrust up your business and get new clients. It also helps you find new jobs and hire new employees. You can attach card to message and wall posts. Further, you can browse other cards and read the comments. With it you can allow people to know what you are looking for.



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August 24, 2010: 4:57 am

Amazing facebook apps collection. I advise you to show some statistics of these apps too.

Make facebook application
August 21, 2010: 12:31 am

Facebook is a great place for business.

July 28, 2010: 12:07 am

Great page of resources! I am just starting my eNetworking and I will be using this page as a guide. Thanks!

June 30, 2010: 1:37 am

It’s nice to hear that facebook applications are earning more than facebook.

June 15, 2010: 12:09 am

“Facebook applications can play a key role in your business ventures as well as in professional use.”

April 9, 2010: 8:14 am

Nice article facebook is best…!!

March 18, 2010: 5:11 am

who think better place other then facebook on internet…nice article

February 25, 2010: 9:13 am

this is a great social hub for the buisness.

February 9, 2010: 7:41 pm

Definitelly I’m impress. ver well measured selection of an facedbbook app and endless possibilities. This is I can frelly say much better organized than a Mashable selection in many ways. Only I have one question - I searched so many places similar to this one trying to find a way to make my own app - and one’s that I like (kinda of custom app, mix of few simple stuff, like subscribing, rss feeds, blog reports, polls, some more simple stuff mix all in o ne tab) I need knowledge of pHp oe Adobe Flex even - that I don’t know. So, my queston is - If I want to hire someone - do you have someone to reccomend maybe? Also, keep in moind that mix of HTML, Java - Ajax presented like pHp doesn;t have to be face-ripping off like $300 or somethi ng like that. Is there any e]reasnoble develoer who can show basic and charge normal amount for projects that you know or maybe have to reccomend from your list - considering that I found your gtrat site on google, so this is my first time lookin overe it. I subscribed and ev\werthing - bt please if you can reccomend someone except tellng me to go to m”myManInIndia”, please I would really appeiciate. Thanks - for great stuff guys - eep on duing a good jub.

P.S. You should have “Buy me a bbeer” donate bbutton, lol

July 7, 2009: 8:01 pm

Two of the Top 10 applications did not work. Number 1 the business card app didn’t work, and had terrible user reviews, and the Introductions app didn’t work either. Not a good start.

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