20 Features of Google Sketchup 7 and Sketchup 7 Pro You Gotta Love

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Google has released SketchUp 7 (download), the latest free version of its 3D modeling software along with its big bro- SketchUp 7 Pro (which is a paid version). With some pre-designed templates, you can draw and model just about anything. Not only that, it also includes architectural design, Google Earth, and a product design template to aid you in your modeling endeavors. Once familiar with the prima facie, we gave it a try and came out with the following points.

First Stroke

Once you choose a template, you’re brought to a relatively simple design page that allows you to create squares, rectangles, arcs, circles, and lines, or to draw freehand to design your model. The free version of SketchUp only allows models to be saved in the proprietary .skp file format, and export to .kml for inclusion in Google Earth. There is an instruction panel at the right side of the window which makes it easier for novices to play with the designs.

Google’s 3D warehouse is there too which allows you to search for 3D models while in the software and place them into your creation. Like say, I searched for a cat and I got more than 1000 models to choose from.

So 3D modeling was never easier before Sketchup 7 happened.

Here are the features.


1. Fast, Reliable & Easy

The primary concept of Google softwares have been its simplicity and ease of use. Right from the days of google search engine to G- Talk, they have kept it simple and effective. So, Google Sketchup 7 is of no exception either. and by now I assume you have understood, why.

2. Sharing and Collaboration

Plagiarists are cordially unaccepted. There is such a wonderful platform like Google 3D Warehouse that gives you thousands of options to choose from that even if you don’t do anything by yourself but have the sense to place appropriate objects to appropriate places, then you won’t have a problem to make a successful 3D model. So whatever you do, share with others and mention the creators’ name if you choose to get it from the warehouse. Simple but so beneficial.

3. 3D Drawing Options

Crossing Lines Break Automatically

When you draw a line that crosses another line on the same plane, both lines are split where they meet. Say goodbye to tracing over edges to make them split.

Dynamic Components: Scaling an Object to Its Original Form

New Dynamic Components are special. They’re programmed to know what they are. When you use the Scale tool on a dynamic bench it automatically adjusts its legs and sitting area as you make it bigger or smaller. No more stretching, no more distortion.

Configure objects with Component Options

Some Dynamic Components are hooked up to the new Component Options dialog box. Instead of breaking out the modeling tools to make a change, just choose options and watch the component reconfigure automatically.

Introducing the Interact tool

Clicking things is fun – especially with the new Interact tool. Some Dynamic Components can perform animations, rotate, move, resize, change color or move to a scene in your model when you click on them with Interact.

4. Search and download 3D Warehouse Models Locally

Google 3D Warehouse Search is there in the Component Browser, which gives you access to zillions of models right inside SketchUp. You can also save particular searches as Favorites, making it easier to find stuff quickly later on.

That is not it. You can also save models locally to your hard drive so that you can get them from there when you need them in future, making it easy to work even if you happen to be offline.

5. Custom Templates

You can include all of your organization’s proprietary Styles, Watermarks and components in a custom Template so that every member of your team has everything they need, right from the start. In SketchUp 7.

Quick Look at What More Lies at Sketchup 7 Pro

Sketchup 7 Pro comes under $495, which is too much for me to even try my hands. And basically I donno how many 3D modelers will be interested to pay that amount of money for the software.

Anyway here are what you get for $495.

  1. All the features of Sketchup 7
  2. Turn any component into a Dynamic Component.
  3. Create tabular reports and get information from every model.
  4. Switch to Vector Rendering when you want clean, resolution-independent drawings
  5. Measure your models by measurement tool
  6. Simple and intuitive editable curves and paths.
  7. Geometric manipulators to move, scale and rotate.
  8. LayOut 2 includes direct export to PNG and JPEG formats
  9. Turn models into sketches
  10. Brand your models
  11. Group Edit any part of the model

In Conclusion

Sketchup 7 is a good tool for novice 3D modelers or those who don’t want too many options to puzzle them in trivial modeling assignments. Though the pro version comes with a ridiculously high price and the free version can be shown a bit more liberalism by adding some more interesting features, Sketchup 7 is still one of the best ones in the market right now. GO 3D.

[thanks to: sketchup.google.com]

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