Message From Famous VC John Doerr ( KPCB ) on Environment & Green Technology

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Sunday, June 3, 2007

John Doerr is a very famous Venture Capitalist whose firm KPCB is behind funding many important and influential companies in Silicon Valley like Sun or Oracle, Marimba, also couple of companies I worked for - Extensity & DoubleTwist. KPCB is the leading VC firm in the valley as far as I know. This is a very powerful heart-felt message from John Doerr, hear it.

“Your generation created this problem, you better fix it!”

“There is a time when panic is the appropriate response” - Eugene Kleiner of KPCB

BTW: KPCB is investing 200 million dollars in green technology based companies.

Even software companies like us can go green by reducing electricity consumption as much as possible by using fluorescent lighting, encouraging and facilitating car-pools, shutting down workstations after work etc.

Each of us should do our bit, not only at a personal level but also by trying to influence policies, to help environment and in turn help our children to live in a cleaner and safer world. And you can also make a profit out of your effort like Walmart.

BTW: Personally I am looking for efficient solar panels to use some of the massive amount of solar power freely available in Kolkata, without much luck so far. Any ideas welcome.

June 3, 2007: 2:48 pm

hi Angsuman,

another nice post.

Well, about saving money, I saw a blog post a few months back about how software engineers through their work can reduce power consumption. We can write(implement at the least) better algorithms, do more profiling, etc. That way, the number of servers and the power consumed can be reduced.

I started using Java 5 2 years ago but recently worked on a project that is still using java 1.4.2. The reason : one of the 3rd party apps has not moved to 1.5. What a waste!! When 1.6, by default, runs atleast twice as fast as java 1.4.2, just switching to 1.6 can reduce the number of servers in a cluster. Those redundant servers can be put to use into more/better testing/staging :-)

Hard work (almost) always pays and being smart and hard (almost) gets you nearer!


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