Foursquare Registers 5 Million Users

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FourSquare the popular Android service has passed yet another milestone. The userbase of this service has swollen upto 5 million users. IT has managed to show an astounding growth by almost 10 times in the past nine months.

Co-Founder and CEO of FourSquare, Denis Crowley revealed the data on stage of the LeWeb conference. the Geosocial service passed the magic number last week. It passed the 1 million mark only last April. The report however is based on the number of user id’s that has been registered and not the actual number of users. Speaking on this matter Foursquare said

Though there are over 5 million user IDs in the foursquare community, our user IDs don’t necessarily match up to our actual number of user accounts. That said, we do expect to hit 5 million next week.

On being grilled by LeWeb and Seesmic on the rumors of acquisition by Facebook doing the rounds Dennis Crowley confirmed that Facebook and another party made an offer of $140 million.

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