Google Code Project Discovered Serving Malware

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 2, 2010

malware Web Security firm zScaler recently reported that it had discovered malicious programs that includes malicious downloader programs, Trojan horses, backdoor programs and password stealing key logging programs, hosted and served from the Google Code Web site. The company removed malicious code from its Google Code platform afterward. The researchers found that Google code site is hosting a Malacious code and it has more than fifty Malware executables stored in the download section of the project. According to Zscaler’s Umesh Wanve, the executable file was hosted sometimes in the end of June, 2010 and it was still active till the end of August That shows that Google is slow to find and remove malicious projects.

“Google actively works to protect our users from malware. Using Google Code, or any of our products, for distribution or coordination of malware is a violation of our product policies, and we will remove any projects discovered to be used for these purposes,” a Google spokesman responded in an e-mail message to

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