How MySpace Gets Hacked + Protect Yourself From MySpace Hacking

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How MySpace Accounts Get Hacked

This video shows how MySpace accounts gets hacked. The modus operandi is simple:
1. Post comments / bulletins with link in others profile
2. When they click the link take them to a page which looks like a MySpace page and tells them to login.
3. When the login using their MySpace account details, their MySpace user account details are stored on the hacker’s server.

Let’s now find out how can you protect yourself from getting hacked.

How to prevent getting your MySpace account hacked

Before logging in to MySpace at any time, check that the host name is or a sub-domain of it in the browsers address bar. This is the single most important thing.

For example… is a site belonging to Myspace but… is not. It belongs to

This simple check not only protects you from most MySpace hacking but also from other phishing type attacks.

Note: This is not the only way your MySpace accounts can be hacked. You can also be targeted using keyloggers. Never login from your friends computer if you hold your MySpace / Facebook account dearly. They can install invisible keyloggers to log everything that you type on their computer.


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