Google Quick Search Box : looks like QuickSilver ain’t it?

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, June 10, 2009

blankIf you ask people about the search engine they use, you’ll hardly find a soul who doesn’t use Google. To simplify searching and make it more powerful, Google released yet another technology to all users which is named as the Google Quick Search Box or just QSB in short. Don’t you think that the screen shot seen in the left looks like the popular Mac App QuickSilver?

Yes! it indeed is. Actually the main reason behind the resemblance of QSB with QuickSilver is that Nicholas Jitkoff, QuickSilver’s creator is one of the programmers of the Google’s new search box. The search box is actually a stripped down version of Google Desktop for Mac that eliminates the widgets and other tools to focus on searching.

The Basic Functions

Using QSB you can search for information from literally anywhere. As you type, you’ll get suggestions of different categories : applications, local files on your computer, web searches and navigational suggestions and also items from your browser history and contacts.
It also has some intelligent functions. As for the above example, if you select Google Calender from the above generated list, it will automatically take Google Calender to the top of the searched list the next time when you type in cal again in the search box. QSB is also extensible which means that it can be customized to search over additional data or perform more actions on results. To do this all you have to do is create a plug-in for that action. Hmm! I want to do Google search just after posting my status on tweeter!

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