Gtdagenda Web based GDT Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 16, 2009

gtdagendaThe web-based GDT(Getting Thing Done) applications are gaining popularity, given their high mobility and negligible price. Gtdagenda is one such online GTD tool for managing tasks. Gtdagenda can be employed as a simple to-do list tool, or even incorporated into projects-based workflow. Gtdagenda is designed for efficient management of time and to optimize the activities. It assists the user to stay on track. Further, it allows setting of goals and helps to manage your calendar. There’s also a mobile enabled version of this application Let’s get into the details. 

Gtdagenda primarily features different sections that include Goals, Projects, Tasks, Checklists, Schedules, Calendar and Context.

The most important sections that need attention include Goals, Checklists, Schedules and Context & Next Actions


When you are planing for a upgrade, the first part would be setting a goal. Gtdagenda allows you to set a goal and focus the efforts towards that direction. The goals are divided into two categories Career and Personal Goal.  This is an interesting and useful section of  Gtdagenda


The checklist is one of the key features in Gtdagenda. It is an unique in the sense that it’s not just a representation of your daily tasks, but provides an distinct way to approach the regular activities.  In this section you can add the list of items that has to accomplished over a period of time. The Checklist has three defaults - weekly time frame, monthly time frame and yearly time frame. The interface is pretty simple and self-explanatory. It’s easy to create and update several checklist at a time.

For instance you can set the checklist for tracking your daily exercise routine or may be an short project to handle.  On every Thursday and Monday, you can have the blog updating sessions, that’s truly a innovative approach to GTD.


Schedules provide the best tool for timing different activities. With Gtdagenda you can link a schedule to one of your task or projects, and have it in the system on a observable level. With the schedules each day can planned in details. Gtdagenda allows daily or weekly scheduling of tasks. Schedules allow you to plan your days better. You can create as many daily or weekly schedules as you like, and they should help you manage your time through the day better.

There are loads of work you can perform with the schedules. Like for instance your schedule time for working, or the time lunch, or for your fitness regime. Looking at the schedules give snap of what you need to do the whole day. The schedules allows you to allot time for different activities and not going into details. This enables you to spend  specific amount of time for scheduled task.

Although the Checklists and Schedules are not mapped into the project, but you can allot a particular schedule for a particular project.

Context and Next Actions

The context has nothing special about it. Most of the GTD’s incorporate this. Still what looks more availing is the Next Actions. The Next Actions are set in the main menu of the website. This makes it easy to access the Next Actions. You can have several Next Actions for the same project.  It’s difficult set too many next actions according to the priorities.

Easy to use

Each section in Gtdagenda is intuitive and easy to work on. Especially, those used to GDT’s would be more comfortable with it. It needs a mention that the mobile interface seems better than that of the web. The also adds mobility to the service.


For some the price is an important factor. There are three level of Gtdagenda  free, basic, and premium. The price increases with the increase in functionality, that is the number of goals, projects and tasks that can be configured at once. Here’s the details

Free plan for free: 3 goals, 5 projects, 5 contexts and 5 checklists
Basic plan for $4.45: 10 goals, 30 projects, 30 contexts and 30 checklists
Premium plan: unlimited $69,95: unlimited goals, projects and checklists



  • There are frequent upgrades that can be tracked from the GTDagenda - What’s New
  • The print and email options are handy. With the printing feature it’s possible to handle projects, tasks or next action lists as a with an easy-to-read list.
  • These Checklists and Schedules  provides a remarkable way to optimize time utilization with experiments.
  • It features a mobile version


  • It’s difficult to prioritize the Next Actions using the priority field, if there are too many Next Actions in a project.
  • There are several pricing modes for the GTD. This ma not be a good option when there are several  web based GTD available absolutely free.


GTDagenda is recent service and has a long way to go. Having said that, I must add that this is a software with good potential. The contexts, projects, actions and next actions are above the average web-based GTD system. It can always be a useful tool for your daily use. I would be waiting to see an upgraded GTDagenda with HTTPS access and AJAX. For more, you can share your valuable thoughts with us.

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