Now, an application that wipes off all about your ex on Facebook

Monday, July 19, 2010

NEW YORK - Here’s some good news for those who want no connection with their ex anymore-an application called ‘Ex-blocker’.

The application heals broken hearts by deleting any mention of a person’s previous flame on Facebook and other social networking sites.

“They won’t know that you’re doing it. Only you will know,” the New York Daily News quoted Leslie Bradshaw, president of interactive agency JESS3, which developed the free ‘Ex-Blocker’ browser plugin, as saying.

Users of Firefox and Chrome can type in the names and social networking usernames of up to five exes and install the blocker, making their every image and mention disappear.

The Ex-blocker plugin will banish errant Google search results and random postings on friends’ Facebook pages.

It’s really easy to uninstall - just in case you end up getting back together,” said Bradshaw.

More than 900 despised lovers have downloaded the plug-in from the website since it was opened two weeks ago.

“Sometimes late at night, our minds take us places that we know we just shouldn’t go,” said Marine Park landscaper Chris McCormick.

“We can all use a little filtering every now and then,” he added. (ANI)

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