Is the Death of Facebook Imminent?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Thursday, May 20, 2010

<b>facebook</b> Recently, there is attack on Facebook from different angle. There are security concerns and there are unhappy blog posts that talks about Facebook’s lack of interest in giving explanations for its complicated and constantly changing security policies. There is so much panic all over that it looks like that people are going to fund in an attempt to build another social media site.

Although, Facebook is on the news for different wrong reasons, anti Facebook lobby is not strong enough to venture out for an alternative social media site because of lack of competitiveness. Say, for example, Orkut, despite of their best effort, could not establish their base in a significant way worldwide. The other communities do not have the strong potential to project themselves as a threat to Facebook.

However, it is quite difficult to take over Facebook for the following reasons:

  • Facebook is an addiction: The biggest challenge for the competitor to offer a service which is better and very similar to Facebook. People are addicted to ‘Status Updates‘, ‘Farmville‘, ‘Mafia wars‘, ‘Like‘, ‘Share‘, etc. and it would be very difficult to drive them out of this addiction without providing a similar features.
  • Network will favor Facebook: Facebook has a huge user base in social media space. It needs lot of efforts to divert a new entrant in this space to any other social media site. Also, it is going to be foolish to think that Facebook will just watch that its consumer base is diverted to another site.
  • Ignorance is happiness for Facebook users: Most Facebook users are¬† not familiar with its security flaws. These are the people who do not frequently browse online magazines/blogs or keep track of technology news and it is safe to say that most people are not aware of what is going on.
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