Is Windows Mobile 6.5 Comparable To iPhone

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, October 7, 2009

windowsmobile-65Nearly two months ago, a Twitter message from Microsoft developers had leaked that Windows Mobile 6.5 OS is done. A day ago Microsoft celebrated Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone day. Microsoft is all set to launch a powerful campaign to endorse its Windows Phone brand and Windows Mobile 6.5. The Redmond company expects its hardware partners to deliver more than 30 phone models in 20 countries in the next three months. With all said and done, Microsoft faces a stern question whether its upgraded Windows Mobile can match the standards of iPhone?
After a series of iterations Windows Mobile 6.5 is definitely an improved version, but its still suffering from the vestiges of past. Let’s have a look into the upgrades and the fallacies.

On-screen Keyboard

This is definitely a convincing improvement in this version. Now you can even type with your finger. However, each time you type a letter the phone vibrates a bit ensuring haptic feedback.

Today Screen

Windows Mobile has its own Today screen, but it seems to differ from mobile to mobile. Actually,  due certain agreements, Microsoft allows the manufacturers to replace the default Today screen with their own Today screen. This is why devices offered by different manufacturers show up different screens after start up.

Scrolling Interface

You can immediately switch to various pages. At the bottom of the interface you can slide the finger to move to left or right to switch to the pages.

List of applications

This is where the whole thing gets messed up. The applications are listed on One Touch Flo 3D page lists. To start any application you just need to click on the application. The Windows Mobile also features a separate page for settings, as well as search page that would launch the browser.

Listing of applications gets confusing. If you can also click the start button in the upper-left or press the Windows button it opens the same Windows Mobile 6.5 screen listing various applications. This page is separate from applications page that is seen in the Touch Flo 3D. This screen showcases the usual Settings icon, which takes you to a settings page. Surprisingly, this is also different from one Touch Flo 3D screen.

If you are using AT&T service, you will see a page with AT&T on the Touch Flo 3D screens. This page again includes some program listed on the various other Programs pages. Within the screen you can also see the Apps and Tools icons that leads to another applications page and tools page.

Well, Microsoft shouldn’t be the only one to be blamed. This shows different views of manufacturers dealing with the same device. Still its annoying to see that Microsoft could allow such anomalies under the nose.

Source: eWeek

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