Mozy Online Backup Solution Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 16, 2009

mozyUnpredictable hard drive crashes, virus attacks, laptop thefts and natural disasters are all too frequent incidents now. Such fractious crack-ups take a toll on the important financial documents, email, digital photos, music and more.   On the follow, there has been a increased demand for online backup systems, especially those which are free. We had already reviewed the Carbonite Online Backup, now we are back with a similar online backup system, Mozy. It provides a online backup solution to store the copy of files in a remote location. It is sill in the beta version. Mozy provides automated online backup for home users as well as businesses at an affordable rate. The price may be attractive, but we need scrutinized the backup tool to know the real value.

Mozy offers two types of backup - Mozyhome for home users and the Mozy pro for businesses. Let’s deal with the key features of both the versions



The backup system uses a 128-bit SSL encryption during the backing up process. This encryption technology is usually used by the banks to secure data. For the files in storage, it uses 448-bit Blowfish encryption or 256-bit AES encryption.


The user has the options to set either automatic or scheduled mode of backup. Scheduled backups can be set daily or weekly at a specified time of day.

File detection

Every slightest modifications in the files are instantly saved.

E-mail Protection

Mozy backs up the Outlook files providing email protection

Block-level incremental backup

Even after the initial back up, Mozy continues backing files that are added or changed. This makes subsequent backups lightning fast.

Supports Two Operating Systems

The service supports both Windows (2000, XP, 2003, and Vista) and Mac (10.4 and 10.5, desktop and server).

Backup for open/locked files

It backs up all open and locked files that includes the Outlook PST files.

Mozy Pro

Mozy Pro is designed for the professionals and businesses. It includes all the features of the home version plus some advanced features to assist a office manager, or a businessman. Mozy has to two types of license for computers that you would backup. The desktop license and the server license.

The server license includes Microsoft Windows Server OS support, network share support, and backup & restore of Exchange and SQL.
Mozy Pro offers SQL, Exchange, and network drive support that allows back up of data residing on virtually any machine.


  • The foremost advantage of the software is the 2GB of online backup free
  • It offers additional free space for referring others to the service
  • Mozy can retain multiple versions of the file for up to 30 days. It also tracks the changes in background.
  • Since it is a month to month plan the businesses can test the service before signing a long-term contract


  • The technical support consistent and may go slow
  • The restore process can take a long time.  It takes nearly 24 hours for Mozy to restive the backed up files before beginning with the restoration.
  • All versions of backed-up files except the latest expire if no backup for 30 days
  • The software is bug prone and there may be connection errors to backup servers once in a while. It hogs resources, slowing down the system in turn
  • It offers limited number of restores per month
  • The software lacks file-sharing features
  • The the backup quota is reached, the backup fails. The process should be checked regularly.


Although, Mozy Pro is not an ideal backing up solution, still may serve as affordable backup solution for small and medium businesses. It can serve as a backup solution for those companies that are not involved in extensive IT works. Overall it can be a better solution for home users or small entrepreneurs.

April 17, 2010: 7:52 pm

Wow, thank you for this post. It works like a charm. I’m sorry to say that I doubted this at first.

October 17, 2009: 3:30 am

Go through for the list of online backup service provides. You will get top 10 online service provider on web. My personal preference holds to, since it’s so simple to use and allows me to easily take my incremental backups which I can schedule weekly or daily. They also provide windows mobile backup solution free with them. So this is an added advantage for me.

October 15, 2009: 4:03 am

After a very bad experience from my last renowned backup service provider, I have just switched to for my online backup need. And must say it is a great service for personal use or people looking for inexpensive online backup. It is very simple to use with features like incremental automatic and scheduled backup. With, windows mobile backup solution is available free, so now my mobile data is also backed up.
With such great features and value for money, I must admit I made a right decision.

June 7, 2009: 6:40 am

you can get Free license Giveaway of either Mozy Home or Carbonite Backup for 1 year here.

April 17, 2009: 2:22 pm

Nice review - very in depth. I have noticed on & off tech support response times. I submitted a ticket and received a reply 10 minutes later, then I replied to them, and it took 24 hours for another reply.

As for restores, I’ve never had the problems that others speak of. I’ve been able to do restores in under 2 minutes.

If you need to do a full restore, you can contact Mozy and pay to have a DVD set mailed to you. This can be a quicker option than doing a web restore.

April 16, 2009: 10:22 pm

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