OrangeHRM Free Open Source HRM Software: Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Monday, March 30, 2009

orange-hrmHuman Resource Management software are high on demand as companies are looking for more feasible solutions to streamline their most important assets - the employees. The HRM software have redefined the ambit of talent management assisting businesses in time-saving and effective HR management. Having done with my Top 10 HRM software, I need to add that there are efficient open source HRM software with upgraded features that are free to download.  OrangeHRM one of the most feasible solutions that I could see.

OrangeHRM is a free and open source human resource management business solution for the Small and Medium sized Enterprise(SME). This modular HRM system automates HR processes.  It is developed from PHP, MySQL and Apache HTTP Server. The software can be used on both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating system. For more insight I delved into the features of OrangeHRM.
OrangeHRM includes 7modules lets how each of them function

Administrative Module

This is the head for any HRM system that is responsible for all system administrative tasks. This usually handled by HR Manager or any other appointed personnel. This module involves tasks such as defining company structure, pay grades and all other information that are vital for rest of the system.

Recruitment Module

This OrangeHRM module involves the entire recruitment process. The comprehensive and flexible recruitment engine makes the recruitment process more simple and easier. Some new features have been added to the module like the listing out the job vacancies, adding pay grade, adding employment status, selecting hiring managers for the job vacancies.

Personal Information Manager Module (PIM)

All the employee related information are secured in this module. It carries details such as personal information, detailed qualifications and work experience, etc. Further, it helps to eliminate data redundancy by allowing the employee information to be accessed by other modules.

Employee Self Service Module

Employees of the company can access their personal information using this tool. They may also update their personal information with the of a web enabled PC. This saves the HR staff from extra work.

Reports Module

This OrangeHRM tool can be used to generate customized reports according to the user’s need. The reports are based on the a range of search criteria and report fields. The report definition can be saved and generated according to the required criteria.

Leave module

It is a comprehensive module that generates different leave types.  Summary of all employees are available in one screen.  It also helps in management of all the application and approval processes. Nearly all the leave related procedures are administered under it.

Time and Attendance Module

This OrangeHRM module administers the time and attendance needs. It manages the labor data, reduces the errors in enforcement of company’s attendance policies and other functions.

Benefit Module

Company’s Health Saving Plan policies are exhibited under this OrangeHRM module. It also enables the administrator to define a suitable health saving plan policy for an organization. The ESS users can make health request using this module, changes to which is dependent upon the discretion of the administrator.


The most commendable feature of this open source software is that it offers profound collaboration and increased transparency that leads to better communication with users. Especially the collaboration with the user community is the key advantage of OrangeHRM.


There are no major hassles with this HRM software. One of the inclusions that might enhance this HRM software’s performance is the Production and Quality details in the Performance Appraisal Module that could appraise the quality productions.


Overall, OrangeHRM stands out from most of the open source HRM software with an wide array of user-friendly features. I would like to know if you have something to suggest about its limitation.


Salman, Khwaja
September 28, 2009: 4:33 am

Orange HRM is a very good software indeed. I have personally tested it and found it to be quite a resource.

March 31, 2009: 12:53 am

Awesome article. I will definitely have to check out, honestly I have never heard of HRM software, but if it makes the task of managing HR for a small firm easier, then all the better!

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