UltiPro HRM Software : Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ultiproWith cutting edge competition companies are striving to automatizes the HR management functions. The HRM software have assumed a vital role in streamlining the recruitment, development and retaining of the talents. Selecting the right HRM software that could meet the  requirements of your company is always a challenge. I had done the OrangeHRM review for those interested in free open source HRM software. Now, I have a HRM software that is looks perfect for mid-sized enterprises working on a Windows NT platform - UltiPro. Ultimate Software’s UltiPro is a leading HRM software in the strateic HR, payroll, and talent management. We had already listed UltiPro in my list of Top 10 HRM Software. To know about UltiPro in details, lets get into its features.


UltiPro is essentially a client/server HRMS working on a Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 and Windows NT 4.0. It is a comprehensive software  that streamlines management of regulatory compliance and key human resource information. The three major tools of UltiPro are embedded web technology, employee self service and multi-dimensional drill tool.

Ease of use

UltiPro features a simple design that reduces the learning curve common to most of the other new products. Those who are used to Windows or Windows-based products can easily handle the UltiPro tabs, scroll bars and buttons. It is software friendly and easy to use.

UltiPro’s Web portal

This is one of the crucial features of UltiPro.  It may serve as a company’s communications hub and the central gateway for business activities. It integrates all the departments including the financial departments as well as executives, staff managers and individual employees. The portal allows the HR staff, managers and the administrators to accomplish the daily administration tasks, manage the staff,  and administer the benefits.

Real time reports

Ultipro allows the users to access reporting in real-time from a central location.  The managers and the executives can also access the reports. They can analyze the workforce statistics and trends on-demand.

Instant access to information

The employees can readily access the pay and benefit information as well as the routine updates. Further, they can have the answers to their  queries.


UltiPro administers the benefit plans of the organization and stores it in a common table. It manages the calculation of employee and employer premiums and takes deductions from paychecks precisely.

Staffing and Recruitment

UltiPro recognizes the hiring needs of the company. Further, it simplifies the hiring process by providing assistance for screening candidates, and hiring them.

Compensation Management

UltiPro streamlines salary planning and the budgeting process. The software also offers advanced employee appraisals through employee based performance appraisals and 360-degree review options.


UltiPro supports Social Security Administration and HIPAA confidentiality legislation to ensures protection of sensitive HR data like for instance employee social security numbers.

Various Modes of Use

UltiPro integrates the Windows platform with Internet and interactive voice response (IVR) systems. This enables a steady flow of communication.


  • The Windows NT and SQL Servers platform is always a plus for the information management and technology workers.
  • The tax management system is highly controlled
  • The payroll system is fast and features-packed
  • The program is easy to use, especially for those acquainted with Windows.


UltiPro is a compatible only for Windows Platform and may not be suitable for organizations working on other platforms. It would require a significant investment to shift the platform.

Moreover, there are several features in this software that a particular companies may not need. This has to considered before the software is installed.


UltiPro is basically designed for the mid market, But, its main rivals are huge HR software players like PeopleSoft and Lawson.


UltiPro offers a complete environment for HR management. This Ultimate Software seems a prospect for the medium-sized companies. If you are looking to add some more to it, go ahead.

November 30, 2009: 10:25 pm

i would like to know how to use this and learn it for myself so i can find employment that uses this
can anyone help me with this?
thank you

Ashlea Phillips
September 9, 2009: 10:14 am

All of these features sound great when they are selling you the software. We have 325 employees and joined UltiPro in January; however, the system has major flaws. We have had glitches every payroll, the reports do not run correctly and are very cumbersome and confusing to run, taxes have been incorrect and employees routinely have to wait 3 to 5 minutes before being able to punch in and out of Time Management. Also, they sell you on their support and say that you will have one dedicated client rep you can call. In reality, you have to submit a service request via phone or online and then the ticket is assigned to different people. Because there are so many systems, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and every time there is an issue instead of fixing it they bounce you around to different people and say it is an issue on someone else’s side. I would not recommend this system to anyone.

April 7, 2009: 10:42 pm

How much is it loaded for a 1000EE company. Priced per user per month or by EE population?


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