Top 10 Websites to Choose the Best Free Blogger Template for Your Blog

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

With Blogger templates flooding the web, the users are being spoiled for choices. Just a few years ago blogger (aka blogspot) had a limited templates that could meet the need for clean and minimalist template.  With Wordpress introducing newer and better themes, Blogger was losing its popularity in the blogosphere After the Blogger templates were changed to the XML format they have become immensely popular. Now there’s a wide array of fantabulous templates for blogger and a majority of them available for free.

What’s more, the blog designers have redefined the essence of blog looks. The Blogger templates are no more restricted to two columns, and provides extensive layouts with added functionality. There are a number of websites that offer excellent templates for free.  Lot of are conversions from the Wordpress. Well, I decided to digg out the best websites who can give you hundreds of wonderful templates for free to choose.

1. Jackbook

jackbookIt offers a wide range of exquisite templates for Blogger converted from Wordpress themes. Jackbook has a wide collection of some of the most popular Blogger templates.

Top templates to Watchout: Rainbow Garden, Lemon Blogger Template and Dreamwork Redux.

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2.  eBlog Templates

eblogtemplateseBlog templates has an ultimate collection of templates for Blogger. Most of the templates are converted from the WordPress. The site also provides some good Blogger tutorials.

Top templates to Watchout: Dilectio, Minyx, Natural Essence

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3. B-Templates

btemplatesThis site hosts the widest and finest collection of Blogger XML templates. It features templates designed by various authors in the community. These Templates in the site are organized according to the layout, style and color.

Top templates to Watchout: Visionary, Made in Spain, Ads Theme

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4. Blogger Templates

blogger-templatesIt’s one of the oldest site for Blogger XML template resources. It offers a search option  to choose the preferred sites.

Top templates to Watchout: Splash, Ratatouille, Beach

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5. BlogCrowds

blogcrowdsThis is an established communit for bloggers with lots to offer. BlogCrowd encloses one of largest collections of Blogger XML templates that includes some enticing three column templates.

Top templates to Watchout: Hemingway, Probama, Magic Paper

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6. Gisele Jaquenod

gisele-jaquenod1The Gisele Jaquenod templates have unique designs particularly set for the bloggers. These templates can be customized according to your need. Typically, most of the templates carry a feminine appeal.

Top templates to Watchout: Birdie’s Good Life, Bloggin Out Loud, Birdie’s Secret Garden, Bloggin Out Loud

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7. Gecko and Fly

erudite-blogger-template-geckoandflyThat probably is the most hyped site for classic templates. Keeping with the changes, the Gecko and Fly’s aficionados have converted these to XML format that can be downloaded from the site.

Top templates to Watchout: Erudite Template, K2-Blogger XML

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8. Blogger Templates by Caz

btbcheadjy4This is exclusive site for  beautiful, feminine classic Blogger templates. The temples are embellished with womanish passion

Top templates to Watchout: Time Will Set Me Free, Autumn Thoughts Template, Lost In Solitude

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9. Fresh Blogger Template

freshbloggerThis is where you find some exciting Wordpress conversions. It offers tons of free blogger templates designed by famous blogger template designer across the world. Preview of some cool themes are available on the home page.

Top templates to Watchout: Leia, Terra Firma, MY SCRAPBLOG
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blogger-templatesThose looking for some unique classic themes can get to this site. The templates include many Ajax-driven designs with extra functionality.

Top templates to Watchout: Foliage, Rounded Blue, NewZen for Blogger

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