6 Ways to Clean and Optimize Facebook

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We are not done with Facebook yet. Our quest for having a better and more user- friendly Facebook helped us this time to find and eliminate bogus adds and distracting accessories with these following tools. So without further ado, let’s talk about them.

1. BBC Ad Remover

This script specifically removes ads from the BBC news website. Along with ads, this script also removes social bookmarks, RSS feeds, print and email to a friend sections. The script is well documented too so if you need any one the above stuff just comment out the related code.

2. Remove All Facebook Ads

Ignore Facebook ads by totally removing them from your pages. It not only removes banner ads but also sponsored news feed and sidebar items from Facebook.

3. UnFuck Facebook

Well don’t mind the name too much. The developer has really done a good job. The purpose of this script is to remove any mention of a third party app on all of Facebook. This script truly cleans up Facebook. Make sure to remove all third party apps and then go here and select the Do not share any information about me through the Facebook API radio box. Click the save button and you will never have to deal with another application invitation.

4. Facebook

This simple app makes your Facebook pages a little wider and cleaner looking.

5. Re-Title

Re-Title strips the name of the website from a page’s title to make a shorter, simpler page title. For example, the title of this page would change from Re-Title - Userscripts.org to just Re-Title. Re-Title works on several major sites like: Answers.com, Amazon, Digg, Facebook, Flixster, Google, Live, NewEgg, Slashdot, TigerDirect, Userscripts, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube.

6. Bearable Facebook Wallpost

Increase the size of wall post text boxes with this app. And that helps someone immensely if he is too keen to write long statements coz the normal one is far from satisfying.


If you have any app that we should review, let us know.

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