Your Google Password Might have been Compromised

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In cyberattack December last year Google had intruders stealing vital information from its computer. However, the Mountain View company didn’t reveal the exact nature and extent of the theft that involved closely guarded company secret. According to the latest reports in NYT, one of the Google’s password system that controls access by millions of users worldwide to almost all of the company’s web services including the email and business applications.

Google’s program code named Gaia was attacked in a lightning raid taking less than two days last December. Actually, Gaia allows users to sign in using their password for a range of services compromises during a two-day attack last December. However, it’s a relief for Gmail users that their passwords have not been stolen. Google initiated the security changes to its networks.

The intrusion began when Google employee in China clicked on a link sent in an instant message, which took the visitor to a corrupted website. It allowed access to the employee’s personal computer and ultimately the computers used by a key group of software developers at the company headquarters in Mountain View, California.

In January, Google uncovered the theft of intellectual property by revealing that it and other businesses were victims of “a highly sophisticated and targeted attack “. Google announced that it no longer intended to censor search results in that country and would consider leaving it entirely.

The attack which originated in China, swiped out source code from more than 30 SIlicon Valley companies. Chinese government had denied any involvement on its part.

Google has shut down the site and redirected its users to, which is Hong Kong based sites where it offers uncensored Chinese-language search services.

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