Skype Rrecovering Slowly, More Work Left
A quick update on the severe outage of Skype is that its service is slowly but steadily recovering.
Skype On A High
SAN FRANCISCO ( Skype the popular Internet telephony service provider is hogging the limelight for several reasons.
Skype Down With Snag, Later Restored
SAN FRANCISCO ( Popular Internet telephony service provider Skype was down yesterday for as several hours and the outage affected several million users of the service all over the world.
Skype is Down and Out 68 Million Users in Lurch
Skype, the popular Internet based call service is currently down.
Gmail Extends Free Telephony Service Till 2011
I said the last time that Google Mail has slowly evolved into a force of nature and just to prove that I was not lying Google has announced another new perk for the Gmail users that is sure going to make your decision to migrate from your existing mail id (Wahoo).
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