Skype 2.8 Gold for Mac 2.8 released: An overview

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

skypeFor Mac users availing Skype’s beta version have reasons to cheer with the release of Skype 2.8 Gold over the internet. The new version of Skype for Mac will be able to make full or partial screen sharing through video chat , provide a chat notification whenever a contact changes their mood status, and enable you to get  wifi connectivity at public hotspots, purchasing it with your Skype account. If you are not a beta user, there’s much to explore about the features of this new upgrade, go ahead.

Screen sharing

The screen sharing feature is included with any two users whose video are enabled. With screen sharing you can call a skype contact and share all or part of your desktop. For an instance, if you are unable to explain a thing to any user on call, screen sharing would show exactly what you are looking for.

It seems the most feasible way to share presentation with your colleagues and such other things. It’s easy to handle and is totally free.

Mood messages

Whenever any of your contacts changes the mood you are informed with a notification. It can be turned on by default when opted-out of in preferences. It appears something closer to Twitter. Delivery of notifications might encourage people to change their status messages frequently. It would be better if you could opt out on a per person basis.

Chat management

Skype allows you loads of chats simultaneously. Now you can draw and set priorities to chat. Now you can deal with the most important message first.

wi-fi connectivity

While you are on the go, getting wi fi on the hotspots is simply great. Skype Access would allow purchase of connectivity to public hotspots using your Skype account. The connectivity costs 19 cents per minutes, or around $ 10 per hour.

Notes on contact

Going the social networking way Skype will now allow you to write notes to go along with your contacts’ profile pages in your account. Each Skype contact offers a blank notes field that you can flip with a click.

Quick Add for chat

Now you can add people to chats in a jiffy. Click on the Add option in chat windows toolbar and Quick Add window will appear. Now start searching the contact list. To add a contact to chat just click the name in their Quick Add window.

If you are Mac user who needs to work with Skype, you can have a go at it. Don’t forget to share your experience.


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