3 Mistakes of my Life in 2008- Microsoft Soliloquies

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Windows XP, even a darn Microsoft lover will agree that they have put hardly any step right. Especially after the critics that half cooked dish like Windows Vista received, 2008 was by no means the year for Microsoft to remember. Here is PCWorld with a very interesting article with Microsoft’s Top three 2008 Mistakes.

According to them, the reasons are the following…

1. Poor Marketing of Windows Vista

The real tragedy of Windows Vista, especially after service pack 1, is that it’s not as bad as its reputation. But Microsoft did not do enough in 2008 to let people know that. It got caught in the crosshairs of bad Vista perceptions and unrelenting anti-Vista marketing from Apple.

2. Letting the Apple Momentum Build

For most of 2008, Apple relentlessly lampooned Microsoft in its ubiquitous “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” TV commercials. The ads were often funny and effective in pointing out Vista’s flaws in ways that everyday people could understand.

3. Failed Bid for Yahoo

Microsoft’s efforts to buy all or some of Yahoo dominated the headlines for most of 2008. Ultimately, nothing concrete came out of it (not yet at least), but there was no shortage of drama. And the drama should continue into 2009: the latest speculation is that Microsoft is lining up to buy Yahoo’s search business.

Ballmer says that Microsoft has no interest in buying all of Yahoo, but remains interested in discussing a deal for Yahoo’s search business. If such a deal goes down in 2009, it will have been one long, strange trip getting there.

Read more about all three of them from PCWorld

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