13 Facebook Apps You Must not Miss

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, December 15, 2008

Keeping in mind Facebook’s ever growing popularity, we have decided to come out with more and more of facebook related articles. So continuing the trend that had started from 10 ways to connect facebook and 9 Facebook Hacks for You!, here is our next article on Facebook apps that can help you have a better experience in Facebook.

1. Facebook Toolbar for Firefox

This toolbar is an all-in-all notifier of Facebook. It lets you do a Facebook search wherever you are online, get instant notifications whenever you get a friend request, poke or invitation, and you can also post an interesting link from the page itself.


2. Sparkey

Sparkey is like an online dating app for Facebook. Users can find out who’s interested in their profile and rate other members and thereby find relevant business partners or friends who are interested in the fields they are too.


3. Hatching Egg

This gift hatches over a period of four days, so your friends get to guess what you sent them. There are over 200 animals to send, including penguins.


4. Testimonials

Testimonials can be used for business or school purposes, letting you organize references from friends, co-workers and teachers. Unknown or new friends of yours will get to know you better through these. But personally I feel Orkut has a better testimonial process than this.


5. Meet New People

If you’re having trouble making new friends with your standard Facebook profile, use this app to find friends in your area. This is an app that can help you more on personal as well as professional front.


6. Sticky!

Design your own sticky notes to tack onto your friends’ walls with this app. Its cool if you love sticky notes.


7. We’re Related

This family tree organizer lets you keep track of your relatives through Facebook. Very cool one at that but make sure all your dates and fixes are not too personal coz you are being tracked and watched over by family members. lol.


8. Who is your neighbor

This one is a kind of a hack that lets you know about your friends and where exactly they are from the map. I am little too concerned about the privacy of people after knowing about this. Is everyone okay with this?


9. Translations

Use this hack to translate a page or lend your language skills to edit translations for other countries.


10. Facebook Exporter for iPhoto(Mac)

Mac users can more easily use iPhoto library and use the pictures on both sides by this app.


11. Lost Mobile

This is one very useful app though I pray that you don’t have to use it ever. If you lose your cellphone, you lose all your contacts too. I have seen people repenting over lost numbers more than the loss of a mobile phone and it is normal in cases. So, you better start using this app which is very secure and saves your contacts to Facebook.

12. Shots and Drinks

If you can’t make it to a friend’s birthday party or happy hour, send them a virtual drink with this app. And even if you wanna have a Smirnoff and gulp it down, you need not to have an occasion but a companion. What better than this then?


13. Reviews

Wanna get  feedback from your friends, colleagues, students or customers? Use this app.



Do you have some more apps to include in this list? Write to us.

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